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Learn astrology and palmistry. Predictive astrology (also known as 'horary astrology') a specialty. Included in these courses are ancient methods and techniques that are sometimes missing from modern practice. Work from the convenience of your home at your own pace. A variety of Astrology classes are offered. You receive personal mentoring by Peter Burns with every lesson.
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Learn palmistry

Palmistry CourseHands-On Palmistry Course
Learn how to read the hands
Begins Sat August 23rd

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Astrology has an ancient history and has been used for hundreds of years to assist people in making decisions regarding important life questions.
This foundation course in astrology is called ‘Horary Astrology’. It contains the foundation principles for natal and modern astrology.
 Learn astrology and palmistry.

  • Work at your own pace from your own home
  • Learn from a highly qualified and experienced teacher
  • Save on travel/relocation time and expenses
  • Manage your existing commitments without interruption
  • Receive all lessons & support by email & Skype
  • Set yourself up with a solid knowledge foundation
  • Receive recognition (Diploma) for your time and effort

You’ll have all the support you need to successfully complete your course, including ongoing contact with your tutor Peter Burns throughout the duration of your studies.

Online Courses include:

9 important advantages
of studying with Ambrosia Academy of Astrology:

  • Your teacher, Peter Burns, is highly qualified, and has 30 years experience consulting and teaching predictive and natal astrology and palmistry.
  • Each astrology and palmistry course is thorough and detailed.
  • All required reading material is included within each course.
  • You receive personal guidance and assistance every step of the way.
  • Your questions are answered with care, respect and personal attention.
  • You can contact Peter Burns at any time with your concerns or questions.
  • Peter G Burns guarantees to provide you with all the care and assistance you need to become the best astrologer that you can be.
  • All graduates receive a Certificate signed personally by Peter Burns.
  • Graduates receive a 20% discount on further courses/products.

Click on the course which interests you and email me if you have more questions:
Predictive Astrology Diploma
Palmistry Diploma

If you have any questions please send me an email.

Your tutor is, Peter Burns, is highly qualified, and has 30 years experience consulting and teaching predictive and natal astrology and palmistry.

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Palmistry Course

Palmistry CourseLearn to read the hands.

10 week Palmistry Course

Every Saturday except the 3rd Saturday of the month.
1-4 pm

This is a ‘Hands-On’ event.
Learn through practice and study.
Earn credits towards Palmistry Diploma.
Graduates eligible to continue into the Astro-Palmistry module.
Only space for 12 students: Book early.

Peter Burns has been reading hands and teaching since 1982.

Author of The Palmistry Textbook.

To book using your credit card, Paypal or bank account click the Buy Now button below

Inquiries: Email Peter Burns or phone or text: 0411 530 762


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The Life Line and astrology

The Life LineIn my experience there are few astrologers who really appreciate the connection between palmistry and astrology. Not only is there a very close connection, but palmistry can inform astrology.

Palmistry is like a time capsule from the past in which a more ancient understanding of astrology has been preserved. The Sun in palmistry echoes the life force, that force that enables our physical existence. On the hands it is like the engine that drives the car. Everybody has a life line. Without physical life is not possible.

The Sun mount is found at the base of the palm beside the thumb. The Life Line which encircles it records the strength of the life force, physical dynamism.

In astrology the Sun also has an association with vitality, although we hear this word less often. Transits and progressions to the Sun can be very significant for our life.

Because we can measure time on the Life Line the ability to interpret the likely consequences of future transits can be correlated. This is a boon for those astrologers who take the time to study the sister art of palmistry. Such a study offers an important advantage in the ability to address the concerns and needs of the client.

At the moment I am developing an astro-palmistry course, which I intend to offer both as a correspondence course and in face-to-face lessons for those who are able to attend. If you are interesting please email me to add your name to the list for notification.

I am also making available for purchase the Lesson on the Life Line from my Palmistry Correspondence Course.

The Life Line Palmistry Lesson
Palmistry Course in Melbourne beginning 23 August 2014
Palmistry Correspondence Course
Horary Astrology Course

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Taxation and other people’s money

moneySomebody said to me the other day that taxation belongs to the 8th house.

Why? I asked – because, I was told, the 8th house is other people’s money.

Well yes that’s true but taxation isn’t other people’s money. The reason it is attributed to the 8th house is because some astrologers did not know which house should rule taxation – ah well let’s just pop it into the 8th house.

Actually to be really clear taxation is the government’s money, and if you don’t believe it’s true try having an argument with them about it! And since it’s the government’s money it belongs to the 11th house, which is the 2nd house from the 10th house of government.

Just as the 2nd house from the 1st house is your money and provides you with support and sustenance, so the 2nd from the 10th supports the government. It is the government’s coffers.

In questions like: Will I be hit with a big tax bill? what we don’t want to see is the government (10th house ruler) taking a shine to your money (2nd house ruler). What we do want is no aspects between the two rulers and the 10th house ruler in the sign where your 2nd house ruler is in detriment or fall. If the government does not like your money it is a good thing!

Horary astrology Diploma Course

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Malaysian Flight M17 Horoscope

Flight M17 Malaysian Airlines last contact horoscopeThis is the Malaysian Flight M17 horoscope for the last moment authorities were in contact with the plane, since presumed to be shot down.

As more accurate information has become available I have adjusted the time and the ascendant has moved from 10 Sagittarius to 1 Sagittarius. Wikipedia is my source and this roughly corresponds with information passed on by Ed Tamplin.

The longitude and latitude is based on Tamak, a town close to where the debris landed. The time and place coordinated may need to be further adjustment when more accurate details are known.

The Moon translates the light of Mercury in Cancer to the Sun in Cancer, using only the classical planets. The plane itself is represented by Lord 1: Jupiter, which has only just ingressed into Leo.

I have not had time to consider any analysis – simply offering the chart as a resource, and invite comments including more accurate time/place coordinates.

The second chart is set its departure from Amsterdam. Of clear significance are the angular bodies: Moon on the 7th house cusp and Mercury on the Midheaven. During the flight the Moon passes Mercury, picking up its light and applies it to the Sun.

In both charts the Moon is angular, moving from the 7th house cusp in the departure chart to the 4th house cusp in the last contact chart.

Malaysian Flight M17 leaves Amsterdam

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Palmistry Hand Types

Palmistry Hand TypesSuccessful hand reading is the art of combination. The hand reader who is able to correctly categorize palmistry hand types has a major advantage because categories offer a comprehensive personality description. It is like a ‘package deal’. If you can identify the package you will know what is inside without needing to analyse each aspect of the hands.

I have just added to my list of products the module: Palmistry Hand Types which is an extract from the lesson on Hand Types from my Palmistry Correspondence Course Diploma.

It includes a description of four types of hand classification systems developed over the last two centuries, including a presentation of the hand classification system that I use.

Also included is a table summarizing the important features of each hand type according to palm width, finger length, finger tips, finger smoothness, padding on the palms, hardness of the palms, flexibility of the hands and line structure.

Following is a brief discussion of features that do not fit and are out of sync with hand types.

Next follows a physical description of each hand type which includes characteristics such as general appearance, line structure, shape, finger shape and refinement. and personality description. Following is a personality description and lifestyle preferences, plus emotional and intellectual expression.

Included with the description of each personality type is a sample photo or print.

Palmistry Hand Types module

Palmistry Course


Horary Astrology Course

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Translation of Light

Recently a student asked: What does Translation of light mean?
The explanation below is drawn from lesson 17 of my Horary Astrology Diploma Course.

A translation of light occurs when one planet conveys the influence of another planet to a third planet.

Translation of light is often used in horary astrology and although not often mentioned, also has applications in natal astrology.

Translation of LightAn example: Venus is at 5 Sagittarius, the Moon is at 4 Aries and Jupiter is at 10 Capricorn.

In this case the Moon first applies by trine to Venus (A), and then carries the light of Venus by square to Jupiter (B). In this case Jupiter is the recipient of the light of Venus which is carried to it by the Moon.

Translation of light is very effective in cases where there is no aspect between two planets, but they are brought together by a third, faster moving planet.
This is particularly useful in situations where a go-between can be of influence such as in marriage brokering or business negotiations. Whether the outcome of this translation of light will be beneficial or detrimental to the parties concerned will be shown by the dignities and dispositions of the planets involved.

Translation of light occurs when two slower moving planets are connected by a faster moving planet. The third planet must be faster moving.
Translation can take place by any aspect including conjunction, and be frustrated or prevented.

In order to be effective the aspects involved in the translation must perfect.


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Mercury in astrology and palmistry

Mercury line It is interesting to compare Mercury in astrology and palmistry.

On the hands the Mercury line often has its source on the Mount of the Moon, which is the area at the base of the palm on the other side of the hand to the thumb.  This line either has its source on the Mount of the Moon or passes through this area. In palmistry the Moon is associated with the imagination and the emotions.

In astrology, particularly in Vedic astrology, the Moon is associated with the images of the mind, and these images usually play an integral part of our emotional experiences, whether we are in a state of anxiety or hopeful expectation.

It is Mercury which sorts files and sometimes articulates these images. Mercury is like the clerk and / or spokesperson, forever the servant.

Last Sunday while doing readings for the public I spoke to several people with well defined Mercury lines on their palms who also had Mercury well placed in their horoscopes. On was a teacher, another a trainer and another a salesperson. Each was involved with clarifying and delivering information in one form or another.

It is no coincidence to find correspondences such as these between astrology and palmistry. The two systems are intimately linked with the hands providing a picture of how the natal horoscope finds expression in real life. I believe that without a knowledge of palmistry the astrologer is handicapped. Those with a knowledge of palmistry have a big advantage in being able to provide assistance to clients.

If you are interesting in learning astro-palmistry please send me an email and I will put you on the waiting list for early notification. I hope to complete the design of the astro-palmistry course in the near future.

Palmistry Course


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Astro – Palmistry Example

Astro-PalmistryThe combination of astrology and palmistry is called astro – palmistry. It provides an amazing tool for fast and deep insights into personality and suitability for career and lifestyle.
An example is a 26 YOA man I did a reading for recently. A drawing of his right hand is shown on the left.

The firm hand and knuckled fingers provide a context for interpretation: he lives in the mind, loves to analyze. 
The long heart line extending into the Jupiter zone shows idealism and high principles, therefore prone to disappointment, especially in love. His straight head line shows a logical approach. The a string of islands on the head line until 26 YOA shows emotional disturbance. He was unhappy with his work as a security guard and been offered a job as a data analyst in the security industry. 

Saturn in Sagittarius and the Moon in Pisces are ruled by Jupiter in the martial sign of Aries.
How perfect! Islands stop at his present age. There are different ways to be happy! Should he accept the job: Yes.
This is an example of a logical analyst-perfectionist with very high standards whose hands reflect the chart, provide a timing for when things change, and show why he has been very unhappy so far.

An astrologer without knowledge of palmistry might have missed vital clues. Why would you not want to know?

Palmistry Course


28 June 2014 1 Comment

Astrology and palmistry Intro Day

Astrology & Palmistry Intro Day

Intro to ancient interpretation techniques
What a real horoscope looks like.
Your Sun Moon and planets explained.
The meaning of your Sun-Moon cycle phase.

The lines on your palm.
Your hand shape and other features.

Hosted by Peter Burns, astrologer and palmist since 1982.

When: Saturday 28th June 2014. 10 am – 5 pm with 1 hour lunch break.
Lunch not provided. BYO or dine at the Merri Table.
Where: CERES Van Raay Centre, Meeting Room 2 (access through visitor centre).
Corner Stewart and Roberts Streets, Brunswick East, VIC 3057. 
Cost: $90
Public Transport: Tram 96, Northcote train station, Bus 503, or cycle along Merri Creek.
Parking: Onsite free parking available.
To Book: Click the Add to Cart button below and follow the prompts.
Inquiries: Phone Peter Burns: 0411 530 762 or Email:

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Palmistry Course support

Palmistry Hand QuadrantsRegarding the support I offer in the Palmistry Course by email correspondence:
You are welcome to ask questions as often as you like during the course.
Your receive my personal comments and clarification on assignment with every lesson.
You are welcome to chat with me on Skype (peterburns01) or phone: 0411530762 (Australia).
I encourage you to take pics with your camera of the hands of friends family associates…….
Store these pics on Google photos and share with me so that we can both see them and discuss – its a great way to learn.
BTW the course is presented in a logical structured way. I explain the logic behind the interpretation of different hand features. 
This provides an excellent backup if you encounter issues while doing more intuitive work. You will always have a clear logical path to fall back on while assisting clients.