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17 June 2013 0 Comments

Learn Astrology: Email Correspondence

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Horary is an ancient and very effective form of predictive astrology.
Horary contains the foundation principles for natal and modern astrology.

  • Work at your own pace from your own home
  • Learn from a highly qualified and experienced teacher
  • Save on travel/relocation time and expenses
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You’ll have all the support you need to successfully complete your course, including ongoing contact with your tutor Peter Burns throughout the duration of your studies.

Online Courses include:

9 important advantages
of studying with Ambrosia Academy of Astrology:

  • Your teacher, Peter G Burns, is highly qualified, with a Diploma of Astrology (FAA) and a Horary Craftsman Certificate.
  • Your teacher, Peter G Burns, has extensive experience, consulting and teaching palmistry and astrology since 1984.
  • Each astrology and palmistry course is thorough and detailed.
  • All required reading material is included within each course.
  • You receive personal guidance and assistance every step of the way.
  • Your questions are answered with care, respect and personal attention.
  • You can contact Peter G Burns at any time with your concerns or questions.
  • Peter G Burns guarantees to provide you with all the care and assistance you need to become the best astrologer that you can be.
  • All graduates receive a Certificate signed personally by Peter G Burns.
  • Graduates receive a 20% discount on further courses/products.

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Your tutor is Peter Burns, who has been practicing, teaching and lecturing for over 20 years, has a Diploma of Astrology (FAA) and has been awarded a Horary Craftsman Certificate by John Frawley. Read more about Peter Burns »

16 April 2014 0 Comments

Eclipse of the Lunar Goddess

Reading some of the astrological commentary on the internet regarding last night’s eclipse of the lunar goddess one could forgive a lunar eclipse April 15 2014student new to astrology for assuming that the Moon is all important, that it acts independently without reference to the Sun.
Some consider the Moon Goddess to be the primary power in our local universe. However an astrological understanding of the Moon makes most sense when understood in terms of its relationship with the Sun.
The Moon’s light comes from the Sun. Its light is a reflection of the Sun’s, it is nothing without the Sun upon which it is totally dependent. In previous eras the Sun was understood as representing truth, everlasting life giving energy, absolute power, authority, and the ultimate source of life and the physical representative of God, a word which in modern times is often substituted.
The Moon was seen as the Sun’s beloved, filling up with his light and love each month and then emptying out, repeating the process over and over again. She hungers for his light until she is filled with his radiance. She loves him with all her heart until she is delirious. Her cycles reflect the rise and fall of our own, the process of growth and decay.
To use ancient terminology: he is the God and she is the Goddess. In the zodiac they each rule one sign and the other five classical planets take their places either side of these luminaries in a specific order. The Moon as Goddess has her joy in the 3rd house and the Sun as God has his joy in the 9th house. Their relationship is intense and intimate.
Without the Sun the Moon is nothing, no light or nurture to offer. The Goddess without the God has nothing to offer.
While we may describe the Moon in terms of the zodiac sign and house in which it is placed and the aspects it makes to other planets, the primary relationship is with the Sun; everything else is secondary. It cannot be otherwise.
As beginning students discover early in their astrological education the lunar phase, which is a description of the Moon’s relationship with the Sun, provides a very important contribution to the psychological profile. 
When the angular distance between the luminaries is projected from the Ascendant we have the Part of Fortune and the Part of Spirit.
The Moon represents the experience of the soul being in the body. This is referred to as the emotions, our body/mind experience.
The Moon’s relationship with the Sun in any horoscope is a primary consideration and in this sense the Moon does not have an independent life.


12 April 2014 1 Comment

Intro Day: Astrology & Palmistry

Astrology Palmistry What is real astrology?
Basic techniques described
How are interpretations are made.

Learn how palmistry works
Underlying principles
Some basic techniques to get started.

Space only for 12 people.
To book contact Peter Burns: 0411 530 762 

11 April 2014 0 Comments

Lunar Eclipse April 15

Lunations and Eclipses

Lunar Eclipse Eclipses are a fascination for many people. Their supposed power is the stuff of legends. In order understand their astrological importance we need to get the basics right.

Eclipses occur at lunations (new and full moons) and are often trigger points for events.
At a lunar eclipse whatever is represented by the Moon is also eclipsed. Blocked out. Among other things, the Moon represents our emotional responses. In palmistry and in Vedic (Indian) Astrology the Moon is associated with the images of the mind.

When the Moon is eclipsed the bright light of the rational mind, represented by the Sun, burns away our emotional fantasies. Reason dominates. At the moment there is a lot of internet talk about the supposed effects of the April 15 2014 Libran Moon, but in reality it is the Aries Sun which dominates, not the Moon.
In this case the Sun is in Aries. So how reasonable is the Sun in Aries? Somewhat impetuous you might answer.

The Sun is ruled by Mars in its detriment in retrograde motion. This is a quarrelsome poorly behaved Mars. Its inclination to be destructive is misdirected by diplomatic considerations. Intemperate. Its impending opposition to the messenger Mercury does not sound like good news. Consequently this exalted Sun is poorly managed.

The Sun in Aries is often associated with leadership. Consequently we can expect the response of leadership in the real world to various crises, whether they be threats or acts of violence or nature in destructive mode, to be poorly managed or perhaps misdirected.

Astrology and Palmistry Intro Day

6 April 2014 0 Comments

Intro Day: Astrology & Palmistry

Click here for details including date time price and Google map

20 March 2014 0 Comments

Aries ingress of the Sun 2014 Australia

Aries Ingress Charts

Aries ingress of the Sun 2014 Australia Below are some thoughts on Australia’s 2014 ingress chart which is shown on the left (click to enlarge).
An ingress chart is a horoscope based on the moment when the Sun moves into Aries in its journey north at a specific location, usually the capital city of the country in question. They are generally used to plot the fortunes of nation states for the coming year. While every planet and house has a special meaning relevant to the mundane fortunes of a country, the following are very important: The ascendant represents the country as a whole, the tenth house its current government, the descendant its allies and open enemies, the fourth house its land, property, crops and mineral wealth, and Moon represents the common people.

Review: 2013 Aries Ingress Chart for Australia
Austalia 2013 Aries IngressThe following is what I wrote in the March 2013 FAA (Federation of Australian Astrologers) Journal:
“The government is represented by the tenth house ruler: the Sun in Aries in the 5th house. In the sign of its exaltation it is powerful. Its fifth house location indicates challenges in taking advantage of its strong position.
The Liberal opposition is represented by the fourth house ruler: Saturn. Its peregrine and retrograde state indicate serious weakness. Its twelfth house position indicates malicious gossip, underhand behind-the-scenes activity, and a general lack of visibility (perhaps relating to its policies). Saturn is square to the Midheaven axis suggesting that it is at odds with itself. The evidence considered so far suggests that Labor is better placed to win the September election.
However the next aspect made by the Moon, which usually indicates the people’s choice, is the square to Uranus, indicating a sudden upsetting turn of events, a change of heart, and victory to the Liberals.
From the traditional viewpoint the last aspect made by the Moon is a square to Mars, representing the country as a whole, and the next aspect it makes is the trine to Saturn, representing the Liberal opposition. The country goes to the Liberals. It is interesting that the Moon and Saturn are in a kind of negative mutual reception: each is in a sign where the other is debilitated. So do the people elect a government they don’t like?
Since examining the 2010 Australian ingress chart (Neptune on the Ascendant and the Moon conjunct Algol on the IC) which provided an accurate warning of the natural disasters for that astrological year, the evidence provided by the Australian ingress charts has proved to be a reliable indicator of events for the coming year. It will be interesting to see if the 2013 ingress chart for Australia also provides a reliable guide for the coming year.”

The Liberal Party won the federal election: the  2013 ingress chart for Australia did prove to be a reliable guide for the coming year.

2014 Aries Ingress Chart for Australia
The Sun is in the second house. The economy and financial matters are an important focus in the coming year. The Sun’s next aspect is to Jupiter, ruler of the second and eleventh houses. The second house represents the general economy and the eleventh represents the government’s coffers.

Jupiter has only recently stationed direct and is in the sign of its exaltation. While exaltation is positive it can also suggest exaggerated hopes. In its role as second house ruler Jupiter’s opposition to Pluto is ominous considering that the GFC coincided closely with the last Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. 

The Moon represents the common people. In Scorpio the Moon is in its fall – the people are not happy! The Moon’s placement on the Midheaven suggests that the people have the opportunity to voice their discontent.
As well as representing the common people the Moon represents the action. Its last aspect is a square to Venus, ruler of the ninth and fourth houses, and its next aspect is a conjunction with Saturn. The Moon carries the light of Venus to Saturn.

In the context of current affairs Venus as ruler of the ninth house represents refugees from abroad. Venus in the twelfth represents their involuntary incarceration. Saturn rules both the twelfth and the first houses. So the Moon shows the focus of public attention upon the refugees’ plight. The translation of Venus’ light to retrograde Saturn shows their continuing difficulties. An older interpretation for Saturn is that it represents outcasts.

Like any chart there are many layers. The Moon also rules the sixth house which is associated with workers and the health care system. The Moon’s application to retrograde Saturn shows continuing difficulties in both areas.

The Liberal government is represented by the tenth house ruler Mars. In Libra its aggression is stifled by the need for diplomacy. Its retrograde motion shows the need to recover lost ground.

Mars is in antiscia conjunction with Neptune: there is deception, ‘smoke and mirrors’, confusion, non-disclosure.

The Labor opposition is represented by twelfth house Venus – it has troubles of its own making. Venus is in antiscia conjunction with the Moon. I refer to antiscia aspects as shadow aspects as they indicate hidden motives or agendas.

The Moon as sixth house ruler represents the workers and their unions. The government’s investigation of union corruption may implicate some Labor leaders who previously held positions of power within unions. The Moon’s translation of Venus’ light to retrograde Saturn points to further challenges.

20 March 2014 1 Comment

Flight 370

Flight 370The chart for the take-off of Flight 370, officially bound for Beijing, has 7 Sagittarius rising. The ascendant and its ruler Jupiter represent Flight 370 – more on that in a moment.

Jupiter is located in the 8th house of death.

 The Ascendant

The Ascendant  (1st house cusp) for the horoscope of Flight 370 is conjunct the fixed star Antares, known as ‘the heart of the Scorpion’.

In mythology it was the scorpion which was sent to kill Orion who egotistically claimed he could kill any creature on earth. Antares is often associated with destruction and is considered dangerous when it is associated with the Ascendant.

In astrology the ascendant is like the cover of a book, providing a strong clue about its contents. Antares on the ascendant provides an ominous warning.

 Angular planets

Planets on angles are considered to be highly significant in astrology as their power is amplified. In this horoscope Neptune conjoins the IC (4th house cusp) and the Moon conjoins the descendant (7th house cusp).

Neptune is a malefic planet, which means that we are more likely to experience its effects as negative, at least from a short term perspective. It is associated with deception, underhand and secret activities. The IC indicates basic foundations or motivations and Neptune here conjunct the fixed star Formalhaut suggests an idealistic or religiously motivated agenda or sacrifice.

 The Moon

The Moon has its power amplified as it is also angular – conjunct the descendant. In this chart the Moon rules the 8th house of death. Its direct opposition to the ascendant provides a second ominous warning.

The Moon in Gemini is in the sign where Jupiter, the lord of the ascendant, is in its detriment. Thus the Moon will harm Jupiter or whatever it represents. Normally the lack of an aspect between planets indicates that there is no opportunity to express such an intention. However in this case the Moon’s direct opposition to the ascendant shows the capacity of the Lord of death to do harm to those on Flight 370.

The dual nature of Gemini, the sign in which the Moon is placed, suggests that two or more agents were actively involved. As Ed Tamplin has observed its Western position in the horoscope may reflect the westerly direction of its flight.

The Moon is ruled by Mercury, the planet of flight – it is the only planet depicted with wings. It is in the air sign of Aquarius. Together this suggests that those involved were experienced or trained aviators.

Movement in the chart

Normally we use the Moon, which is the fastest moving planet, to indicate where things are going in a horoscope. The Moon describes ‘the action’. This action is shown by the planet the Moon last separated from and the next planet it applies to.

If we use the outer planets we see that the Moon separates from a square to Neptune and applies by sextile to Uranus. Uranus is the modern planet of explosions and break-ups. This method suggests that some underhand plot conducted by two or more people results in the destruction of the plane.

Another accepted meaning for Uranus is liberation: If the plane was not destroyed then the passengers were ‘liberated’ from the plane, and presumably have been executed or are being held hostage. While possible this scenario seems improbable.

If we take a traditional approach to the Moon’s movements we see that it last separates from Venus, the ruler of the sixth and eleventh houses, and applies by square to the Sun, ruler of the 9th house. The 9th house representation of a foreign destination tells us little as the plane was orig inally destined to go to China, a foreign country. However it may suggest a more distant destination or something associated with a foreign ideology or religion.

3 March 2014 0 Comments

Vladimir Putin’s natal horoscope

Vladimir PutinThere have been some comments on FB regarding Vladimir Putin’s natal horoscope, some with a timed birth giving a Scorpio rising chart.

A quick check on AstroDatabank shows a rating of C. His birth time is uncertain.

While a Scorpio rising chart does not seem unreasonable as astrologers we must deal with facts. 
His birth time is uncertain with different times being quoted.

The accompanying chart is un-timed. As there is no confirmed time of birth there can be horoscope houses. The Moon’s position is listed as ranging between 28 Taurus, which is approx where it would have been at the beginning of the day, and 10 Gemini, its approx position at the end of the day. Planetary positions have been rounded out. 

Transiting Saturn’s square to natal Pluto suggests that he is under intense pressure. Transiting Jupiter’s square to his natal Sun and trine to natal Venus over the coming months suggest that he may become more adventurous.


24 February 2014 0 Comments

The Astrology Collection by Peter Burns

Astrology Collection by Peter BurnsThe hard copy version of the Astrology Collection by Peter Burns has now sold out.

The Astrology Collection is now available as a PDF (non-printable).

Order the Astrology Collection PDF version

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Astrology Collection by Peter Burns: Now available.

Astrology Collection by Peter Burns

Contains 58 articles covering basic principles, predictions, ‘how-to’ techniques, horaries, planets, houses, mundane astrology, astro-palmistry.

The Challenge
- Astrologers mostly practice in light polluted urban environments.
- Electronic screens have replaced the natural view of the sky. 
- Digitised horoscopes are often the only contact with the heavens. 
- Chart symbols are homogenised – all of equal size. 
- Gone are any differences regarding luminosity. 
- A plethora of new symbolic techniques has added to the chaos.
- Various belief systems have been imposed on astrology.
- Sometimes a planetary configuration can almost mean anything.

The purpose of this book
- To clarify principles that underpin astrology.
- To highlight basic aspects of astrology which are often overlooked. 
- To rediscover the simplicity of astrological logic and insight.

Contents are listed below

148 pages. Paperback.
$28 + S/H.
Order before January 31st and pay $22 + S/H.


SECTION 1: Basic Principles

2. Which Cosmic Body Represents Enlightenment?
4. Getting Back to Basics: Light
5. Can you Prove Astrology?
6. The Cosmos Never Goes to Sleep
7. The Real Meaning of Malefic and Benefic
8. Terminology: Key to Insight
10. Nature and Astrology
11. Adoration
12. The Fallacy of Lunar Independence
13. Horary: The Heart of Astrology
14. Constant Craving
15. Finding Happiness
18. Astrology’s Inconvenient Debate
19. Mutable (Common) Signs
20. Reverse the Signs for the Southern hemisphere?

SECTION 2: Predictions

23. Predicted Date and Outcome of the 2010 Australian Federal Election
27. Making predictions: The Advantages of Horary Astrology
38. Liberals to Win the 2013 Federal Australian Election
30. The Australian Greens and Pluto

SECTION 3: Techniques

34. Part of Fortune: Reverse the Formula for Nocturnal Horoscopes?
36. Profections: An Ancient Predictive Method Explained
40. Transits: Jupiter and the Cat
42. Antiscia: Planetary Shadows and Barack Obama
47. The Void-of-Course Moon: Horary Technique Described
51. Using the Element Rulers as a Life Predictive Technique

SECTION 4: Horaries

57. Will I Profit by Investing in XYZ Shares?
60. Where is the Lost Ear Ring?
62. Will the Seminar Go Ahead?
64. What will Happen at the Meeting?
67. Psychic Prophesy of Wealth
70. Will My Flight be Cancelled?

SECTION 5: Planets

73. Which Planet = Power
74. The Delirious Moon
75. The Discovery of the God-Particle & the Uranus-Pluto Square
77. Mars Rover ‘Curiosity’ Lands on Mars
79. Mercury Retrograde for Everyone?
81. Which Planet = Being Awake?
82. Which Planet rules Money?
83. Planets and People Unchanged
84. Which Planet Rules the Internet?
85. Neptune a benefic?
86. Saturn’s Exaltation
87. How to Use the Outer Planets
90. Astronomers and Pluto’s Dwarf Status
91. Neptune: Glamour and Deception
93. Neptune in the 1st house

SECTION 6: The Houses

96. Getting Clarity on the 11th house
99. Natural House Rulers

SECTION 7: Mundane Astrology

105. Wikileaks
108. Eclipses and the Arab Revolution
110. Prince George of Cambridge
112. 2010 & 2011 Ingress Charts for Australia
116. USA 2010 Aries Ingress and the Deepwater Oil Rig Disaster
122. US 2010 Aries Ingress, Solar Eclipse & Arizona Shootings
126. Australia 2010 Aries Ingress and the Queensland Floods

SECTION 8: Astro-Palmistry

130. Astro-Palmistry
132. Combining astrology and palmistry
133. The Heart Line

136. Index


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New: Astrology Collection by Peter Burns

The Astrology Collection by Peter Burns Astrology Collection by Peter Burns: Going to print next 2 weeks.
Contains 54 articles covering basic principles, predictions, ‘how-to’ techniques, horaries, planets, houses, mundane astrology, astro-palmistry.
$28 + S/H.
Order before January 31st and pay $22 + S/H.