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Planetary Shadows and Barack Obama

At the recent FAA Conference in Jan 2010 in Brisbane Australia I gave a lecture on financial astrology, and was asked by a number of people to talk more about the concept of planetary shadows (antiscia). Detailed instructions on how to use antiscia are provided in Lesson 12 of the Astrology Practitioners Diploma Course which I conduct by distance education. Click here to purchase the module on antiscia.

Antiscias only take a moment to see
If you are an experienced astrologer it takes but a moment to glance around the horoscope to see whether the antiscia of any of the planets falls upon another planet or important point in the horoscope. However without taking a moment to do this brief mathematical excursion vital clues may be missed.

Gaining or losing money
In questions about making money, for example, if the shadow of the planet representing the question falls on a malefic, which is a debilitated planet, then the proposed action or enterprise is unlikely to succeed. It is better that the client refrains from taking the proposed action even though it is something the client really wants to do.

For example supposed you asked: “If I invest in BHP shares, will I be rewarded financially?” If the significator representing your second house (the second house represents your money) falls on a malefic, such a retrograde Mars in Libra in the eighth house, then the answer would be an emphatic NO, unless contradicted by other testimonies. If you missed this planetary shadow you may have lost some serious money!

So what are antiscia?
The concept that antiscia, which offer an alternative to a planet’s position by placing it on a point on the other side of the Cancer-Capricorn axis, seems strange to many people. How can this tiny insignificant point pack such a powerful punch? Is this some new age concept invented to keep astrologers amused in between client readings?
No, actually antiscia have been used for many centuries and have simply fallen into disuse in modern times. The weird thing is that antiscia actually work and that only a fool would overlook them, especially if money is being wagered on the stock market.
To understand how these little guys work we need to go to the meaning of the word ‘antiscia’.
My Webster’s New Twentieth Century Dictionary (1976) defines “antiscians, antiscia” as coming from the Greek meaning shadows. ‘Anti’ means opposite and ‘skios’ means shadow. In geography it means the inhabitants of the earth living on the same meridian but on opposite sides of the equator, whose shadows at noon are cast in opposite directions.
In astrology we take the word to mean the point in the chart which is the same distance from the Cancer-Capricorn axis as the planet being considered, but on the opposite side. Cancer and Capricorn represent the solstice points. This antiscia point is interpreted as being a shadow reflection of the planet.
When one planet is on other’s antiscia it represents a reflected shadow of the other planet, something which is hidden or not obvious, and may represent either a bonus or a problem. When one planet is on the antiscia of another planet, each is a shadow of the other planet. In the rest of this article I shall use plain English and refer to antiscia as ‘planetary shadows’.

Obama’s January 2010 eclipse
To demonstrate the principle I will examine the horoscope of a famous person with an accurate birth time. Barack Obama will do just nicely.
On the 15th January 2010 there was a solar eclipse on the ruler of Obama’s ascendant and within days he was finally speaking out against China’s cyber tactics and expressing regret at the surprise loss to a little-known Republican who beat the Democrat in a ‘safe’ seat left open by Ted Kennedy’s death in 2009. Eclipses often contain a surprise, and it is not always pleasant.
In case you are new to astrology, the ascendant ruler is often considered to be the most important planet in the horoscope, and represents the strength of the individual.
Obama’s rising sign is Aquarius and the ruler of Aquarius is Saturn.

Get a grounding in the basics before using astrology to trade the markets
Saturn is placed in the other sign that it rules: Capricorn. If you are attempting to use astrology to trade or invest in the markets and don’t know what signs planets rule and which signs strengthen or weaken the planets then you might like to consider doing my Astrology Practitioners Diploma Course, which provides a solid grounding in the basics of astrology. Planetary strength is covered by the concept of ‘dignity’, which is so often overlooked in the modern textbooks on astrology.

Obama’s ascendant ruler in the 12th house
Saturn in Obama’s horoscope is located in the twelfth house. The twelfth house is the place of hidden things, hidden motives and self-undoing. This is not a good placement for any planet. Having one’s Ascendant ruler in the twelfth house is like being locked away with no ability for self-expression.
Not only is Saturn in the twelfth house but it is retrograde. Retrogradation (when a planet appears to move backwards through the zodiac from the earth’s perspective) is understood in astrology to be similar to a person walking backwards, not being able to see where they are going. By the way Saturn applies by square to warlike Mars which stands at the cusp of the eighth house, and rules his tenth house of destiny. There is so much in this horoscope which contains significant pointers to the future.

So how do antiscia work?
So how is it that Obama is able to express himself so eloquently if his Ascendant ruler is locked away in the twelfth house? The answer is revealed when one looks at Saturn’s shadow. Planetary shadows are formed across the Cancer-Capricorn axis (Cancer and Capricorn are the 2 solstice points). Saturn is 25° 19’ from the solstice point of 0° Capricorn. 25° 19 minutes on the opposite side of this solstice point is 4°41’ of Sagittarius. This point is the exact shadow of Saturn.
How did I get this figure? There are 30° in a sign. 30° minus 25° 19’ = 4° 41′. Remember that each degree has 60 minutes, not 100. Degrees and minutes are not based on the decimal system but on the old imperial measurement system.
Now when we are using planetary shadows we allow a 2° orb for conjunctions and oppositions (no other aspects are used). Opposite 4°41’ of Sagittarius is the Moon at 3°21’ Gemini. The orb of 1°20’ is within the allowable range.

Obama’s Moon says it all
Obama is able to find expression through his Moon. Saturn’s shadow falling on his Moon works very well for Obama. The Moon is in the dignity, triplicity and the terms of Mercury, all of which are strong indicators of his persuasive talents. Note that his Moon separates from a close sextile to Mercury and applies by square to Pluto. Obama is able to reach the masses. The Moon is also in a double-bodied sign, indicating his capacity to entertain different opinions on the same subject, depending on his target audience.

Dignities, receptions, and triplicity rulers are so important in making accurate astrological judgements
The use of planetary shadows in astrology is very important. Modern astrologers who are unfamiliar with their use would gain so much by including them in their natal readings. The use of planetary shadows in horary charts, which are sometimes used by financial astrologers as a guide to successful trading, and their application in natal and mundane astrology (mundane astrology relates to current affairs and political events) are very important and should not be overlooked.
To use planetary shadows correctly it is essential to be familiar with other basic astrological concepts which are offered in my Astrology Practitioners Diploma Course (horary astrology), such as house rulerships (which includes commodity rulers), triplicity rulers, receptions and the correct way to use aspects.

If you have any questions please feel welcome to contact me.

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