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Arab revolution, USA and Obama

The revolution for democratic reform that is sweeping the Arab world had its trigger in the eclipses of Dec 2010 and Jan 2011, both of which coincided with the attempted suicide and subsequent death of Mohamed Bouazizi in Tunisia.

As described in my Feb 23 post Mohamed Bouazizi attempted suicide by self immolation within 4 days of the Dec 2010 eclipse and died on Jan 4 2011, the date of the solar eclipse.

This eclipse opposed Saturn at 14° Libra in the USA Sibley horoscope, which is shown below. Coincidentally at the moment transiting Saturn is returning to this position. This is called a ‘Saturn return’. The return of Saturn to its natal position, which occurs every 29 years, is always regarded as an important test.

At the time that the ‘no fly zone’ was declared and when bombing commenced, Mercury and Jupiter were making a square aspect to the Jan 4 2011 eclipse.

At the time when bombing commenced there was a full Moon with both lights making a square aspect to the Dec 2010 eclipse at 29° of Gemini.

The US military and 18 – 22° of the mutable signs

Arab revolution Libya USA Obama horoscopesOne of the most famous aspects in the USA Sibley chart is the square aspect between Mars and Neptune. This aspect contains many possible levels of interpretation. Mars is the planet of war and strife and Neptune is the planet of stealth and subterfuge. In the US chart Mars represents America’s military.

In Obama’s horoscope Mars is exactly square Mars in the USA horoscope, showing the President’s strong link to the country’s anger and its capacity to use force.

In the horoscopes for the UN resolution to establish the no fly zone and the bombing of Libya the Midheaven was 20 – 22° Gemini, conjunct with Mars at 21° Gemini in the US horoscope, and square Mars in Obama’s horoscope at 22° Virgo. Mars in both Libyan horoscopes opposes Obama’s Mars and squares the US Mars.

These events suggest the importance of eclipses and the sensitivity of Mars in the US horoscope and in Obama’s horoscope.

On March 25 2011 Jupiter, the planet of expansion and adventurism, squares the Jan 4 2011 eclipse point, and on April 7 2011 Saturn also opposes this point, from the other side of the zodiac. At these times we are likely to witness important developments in the situation in Libya and the popular revolution across the Arab world.

On March 29 2011 Jupiter and Saturn oppose each other across the zodiac, marking a turning point in the 20 year Jupiter-Saturn cycle which began at 22 Taurus in May 2000. Transiting Jupiter will oppose Saturn in the USA Sibley horoscope and transiting Saturn will return to its natal position in this national horoscope.

The opposition of these 2 planets is commonly associated with economic downturns.

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