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Astro – Palmistry Example

Astro-PalmistryThe combination of astrology and palmistry is called astro – palmistry. It provides an amazing tool for fast and deep insights into personality and suitability for career and lifestyle.
An example is a 26 YOA man I did a reading for recently. A drawing of his right hand is shown on the left.

The firm hand and knuckled fingers provide a context for interpretation: he lives in the mind, loves to analyze. 
The long heart line extending into the Jupiter zone shows idealism and high principles, therefore prone to disappointment, especially in love. His straight head line shows a logical approach. The a string of islands on the head line until 26 YOA shows emotional disturbance. He was unhappy with his work as a security guard and been offered a job as a data analyst in the security industry. 

Saturn in Sagittarius and the Moon in Pisces are ruled by Jupiter in the martial sign of Aries.
How perfect! Islands stop at his present age. There are different ways to be happy! Should he accept the job: Yes.
This is an example of a logical analyst-perfectionist with very high standards whose hands reflect the chart, provide a timing for when things change, and show why he has been very unhappy so far.

An astrologer without knowledge of palmistry might have missed vital clues. Why would you not want to know?

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