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Astrological House Meanings 7-12

Lesson 6 Houses 7-12In this lesson from the Horary Astrology Correspondence Course: Astrological House Meanings 7-12, the meaning of each of the second set of 6 houses of the horoscope, those above the horizon, are described.

These meanings can be applied to natal or horary astrology. It is very important to understand the correct meanings of the houses. In modern astrology the meanings of the houses has drifted and the result is that many astrologers have not had the opportunity to reach a clear understanding.

In this lesson the correct meaning are clarified and provide a strong foundation for accurate interpretation of natal and horary  horoscopes.

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As with each of the other lessons there are assignment questions included at the end to test your understanding. If you email your answers to Peter Burns he will send a commentary free of charge.

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  Lesson 6B: How to Identify Significators
 Lesson 6C: Understanding Derived Houses

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