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Astrology Collection by Peter Burns: Now available.

Astrology Collection by Peter Burns

Contains 58 articles covering basic principles, predictions, ‘how-to’ techniques, horaries, planets, houses, mundane astrology, astro-palmistry.

The Challenge
– Astrologers mostly practice in light polluted urban environments.
– Electronic screens have replaced the natural view of the sky. 
– Digitised horoscopes are often the only contact with the heavens. 
– Chart symbols are homogenised – all of equal size. 
– Gone are any differences regarding luminosity. 
– A plethora of new symbolic techniques has added to the chaos.
– Various belief systems have been imposed on astrology.
– Sometimes a planetary configuration can almost mean anything.

The purpose of this book
– To clarify principles that underpin astrology.
– To highlight basic aspects of astrology which are often overlooked. 
– To rediscover the simplicity of astrological logic and insight.

Contents are listed below

148 pages. Paperback.
$28 + S/H.
Order before January 31st and pay $22 + S/H.


SECTION 1: Basic Principles

2. Which Cosmic Body Represents Enlightenment?
4. Getting Back to Basics: Light
5. Can you Prove Astrology?
6. The Cosmos Never Goes to Sleep
7. The Real Meaning of Malefic and Benefic
8. Terminology: Key to Insight
10. Nature and Astrology
11. Adoration
12. The Fallacy of Lunar Independence
13. Horary: The Heart of Astrology
14. Constant Craving
15. Finding Happiness
18. Astrology’s Inconvenient Debate
19. Mutable (Common) Signs
20. Reverse the Signs for the Southern hemisphere?

SECTION 2: Predictions

23. Predicted Date and Outcome of the 2010 Australian Federal Election
27. Making predictions: The Advantages of Horary Astrology
38. Liberals to Win the 2013 Federal Australian Election
30. The Australian Greens and Pluto

SECTION 3: Techniques

34. Part of Fortune: Reverse the Formula for Nocturnal Horoscopes?
36. Profections: An Ancient Predictive Method Explained
40. Transits: Jupiter and the Cat
42. Antiscia: Planetary Shadows and Barack Obama
47. The Void-of-Course Moon: Horary Technique Described
51. Using the Element Rulers as a Life Predictive Technique

SECTION 4: Horaries

57. Will I Profit by Investing in XYZ Shares?
60. Where is the Lost Ear Ring?
62. Will the Seminar Go Ahead?
64. What will Happen at the Meeting?
67. Psychic Prophesy of Wealth
70. Will My Flight be Cancelled?

SECTION 5: Planets

73. Which Planet = Power
74. The Delirious Moon
75. The Discovery of the God-Particle & the Uranus-Pluto Square
77. Mars Rover ‘Curiosity’ Lands on Mars
79. Mercury Retrograde for Everyone?
81. Which Planet = Being Awake?
82. Which Planet rules Money?
83. Planets and People Unchanged
84. Which Planet Rules the Internet?
85. Neptune a benefic?
86. Saturn’s Exaltation
87. How to Use the Outer Planets
90. Astronomers and Pluto’s Dwarf Status
91. Neptune: Glamour and Deception
93. Neptune in the 1st house

SECTION 6: The Houses

96. Getting Clarity on the 11th house
99. Natural House Rulers

SECTION 7: Mundane Astrology

105. Wikileaks
108. Eclipses and the Arab Revolution
110. Prince George of Cambridge
112. 2010 & 2011 Ingress Charts for Australia
116. USA 2010 Aries Ingress and the Deepwater Oil Rig Disaster
122. US 2010 Aries Ingress, Solar Eclipse & Arizona Shootings
126. Australia 2010 Aries Ingress and the Queensland Floods

SECTION 8: Astro-Palmistry

130. Astro-Palmistry
132. Combining astrology and palmistry
133. The Heart Line

136. Index


Horary Astrology Reading Request a reading. Most subjects covered.

The Horary Astrology Practitioners Diploma correspondence course contains the foundation principles for natal and modern astrology.

The Palmistry Practitioners Diploma correspondence Course provides basic logical principles underlying hand reading as well as the "how-to" practical application about how to read the hands.

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