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Astrology: Looking to the future

astrologyAstrology provides insights into the future by correlating the predictable movements of the planets with events in our personal lives.

The cycles of the planets are measurable and can be predicted far into the future.  The planets have long been associated with specific characteristics that correlate with our lives here on earth.

When a horoscope with an exact time of birth is available these correlations enable predictions to be made on  subjects such as relationships, work and career, money and finance, health. 

These same planetary correlations enable accurate predictions to be made on almost any question, including real estate deals, business transactions, the motivations of people in relationship questions, and many other issues that are relevant to our everyday lives.

At Ambrosia Academy of Astrology the focus is upon teaching the basics of astrology to those with no prior knowledge and providing techniques which enable accurate predictions to be made.



Horary Astrology Reading Request a reading. Most subjects covered.

The Horary Astrology Practitioners Diploma correspondence course contains the foundation principles for natal and modern astrology.

The Palmistry Practitioners Diploma correspondence Course provides basic logical principles underlying hand reading as well as the "how-to" practical application about how to read the hands.


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