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3 W/shops: Relationships Aspects Transits

3 Astrology Workshops by Peter Burns

Where: Elwood & St Kilda Neighbourhood Learning Centre
87 Tennyson Street Elwood 3184
When: Saturdays 2-5 pm, Feb 26, March 5, March 12.
Cost: $25 each or $60 for the 3 workshops

The missing keys reveal deeper layers of meaning
Saturday 28 February, 2-5 pm

In contemporary astrology we learn that the rising and descending signs comprise the important axis which describes the quality of relationships.
In more ancient times the rulers of these signs were carefully studied especially in regard to their condition. Their condition is described by their specific location in the zodiac signs, their relationship with other planets, planetary shadows and fixed stars. These and other considerations are the missing keys to the quality and type of relationships revealed by traditional natal astrology.
Did you know for example that each planet represents someone in your life, and that each planet’s specific location reveals personal preferences for other planets?
In this workshop Peter Burns will explore some of the important traditional techniques used to interpret relationships and demonstrate how these techniques are applied in real life.
You are welcome to bring your natal chart and any horary charts that you are studying.

2. ASPECTS: The missing keys to interpretation
New techniques to reveal deeper layers of meaning
Saturday 5 March, 2-5 pm
In contemporary astrology we learn that positive aspects are trines and sextiles and negative aspects are squares and oppositions. The planetary energies are then blended according to their nature.
From a traditional perspective this treatment of aspects is regarded as superficial as it leaves out so much information and is based on basic misunderstandings. The ancients took a different view of planetary connections. This view provided a more in-depth analysis and more accuracy.
When the ancient perspective is understood our interpretation of aspects is revolutionised.
The horoscope suddenly offers so much more information and we interpret planetary energies in a new light.
You are welcome to bring your natal chart and any horary charts that you are studying.

New techniques to increase precision and accuracy
Saturday 12 March, 2-5 pm

The interpretation of transits in modern astrology has lost the depth and accuracy known to ancient astrologers. In more ancient times transits were interpreted differently.
In modern times the shift in the meaning of houses, the emphasis on Sun-sign interpretations, the loss of a full understanding of aspects and dilution of planetary meaning has led to a situation where astrologers no longer have sufficient access to the tools necessary for accurate interpretation.
In this workshop Peter builds on the lessons from the previous Saturday’s Workshop on Aspects and offers insights to find more accuracy and precision when interpreting aspects.
In this workshop we will explore the lost foundation principles of astrology and incorporate these into transit interpretation.
To get the most from this workshop you are encouraged to attend the Aspect Workshop on March 5th 2011.
Bring your charts and enjoy an interactive afternoon!

Bookings: Peter Burns Phone: M: 0411 530 762

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