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Australian Greens in Conflict

Australian GreensOn page 13 of today’s Age newspaper (July 2, 2017) Matthew Knott in an article titled: “The murky world of the Greens” reported that “The civil war inside the Greens is set to escalate with leaked internal emails raising questions about the power of ‘faceless’ party officials to dictate how MPs vote in Parliament”.

Apparently it has to do with all nine of Senator Lee Rhiannon’s federal colleagues complaining about her behaviour during the Gonski 2 funding negociations.

From an astrological perspecive we can use the horoscope for the Australian Greens submitted to Facebook by Michele Finey. The chart is shown here with transiting planets shown for the date of the Age publication on July 2, 2017, without the Moon or the angles.

We saw the Greens go into crisis when Pluto crossed the 10 degree Capricorn ascendant in June 2012 when Bob Brown stepped down as leader, with the new leader, Christine Milne, failing to inspire.

At the moment transiting Saturn, which rules the ascendant and therefore represents the Greens, is passing through the 12th house of self-undoing. Saturn has been squaring the Midheaven and is now making a trine aspect to natal Mercury, ruler of the Midheaven of public image, and an opposition aspect to natal Mars, the planet of conflict. Meanwhile transiting Mars in the 7th house has been opposing natal Uranus and Neptune in the 1st house over the last couple of weeks.

Saturn will station direct at 21 Sagittarius in August and its final appointment with natal Mercury and Mars in the horoscope for the Australian Greens is September/October this year, just as Mars, the planet of conflict conjoins Jupiter and approaches the Midheaven. These transits suggest that the battle is not over yet and also the possibility of more open conflict.

Greens supporters can only hope that things will improve in November when transiting Jupiter will aspect to the natal Sun in Virgo.

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