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February 2017 Graphic Ephemeris & Lunar Phases

The graphic ephemeris is a very useful visual tool for showing the luminaries and planets as they move through the signs and form aspects with each other.

The 45 degree graphic ephemeris is most commonly used to show the hard aspects (squares and oppositions, and also shows conjunctions, semi-sextiles and sesqui-squares.

Here the 30 degree ephemeris includes the so-called soft aspects (trines and sextiles), as well as the hard aspects (squares and oppositions, plus conjunctions and inconjuncts).

Lunar Phases
I have added a colour coding for the lunar phases. The lunar phases show the interactions between the luminaries. They are very useful for gardening and business projects.

The full Moon on February 11 is a lunar and the new Moon on February 26 is a solar eclipse.

Double-click the image to enlarge. Please feel welcome to share.

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