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The Queensland Floods – an astro analysis

A national ingress horoscope is calculated for the time when the Sun crosses the vernal equinox on its northward journey across the equator.Students who wish to learn the history and beliefs of astrology will be rewards by the study of ingress horoscopes. An ingress horoscope is set for the nations’s capital and is used to forecast events for the following year.

Since March 2010 Australia has been awash with floods. To date 4 serious events have been recorded with the Queensland crisis still ongoing. These 4 events are listed at the end of this article.

Flooding can be clearly seen in Australia’s 2010 ingress horoscope through the eyes of the modern astrologer and also the traditional astrologer.

Viewpoint from Traditional Astrology

2010 Ingress for AustraliaThe traditional indicator for floods is Jupiter in Pisces. One of the underlying interpretations for Jupiter is excess and Pisces rules water. Jupiter in Pisces has often been associated with heavy rain. Jupiter is in the first house of Australia’s horoscope.

Students seeking to learn astrology through astrology courses online or through astrology lessons at astrology schools will learn that the land and is crops and mineral wealth is represented by the fourth house and its ruler. The fourth house has Taurus on the cusp in the 2010 ingress horoscope for Australia. The ruler of Taurus is Venus. Venus is in the sign of its detriment in Aries in the third house (it is within 5° of the third house cusp). A planet in its detriment is not in good shape.

Jupiter is in antiscia opposition to Venus.
Antiscia show the planetary shadow as it falls across the solstice axis. In traditional astrology an opposition is considered to be the most negative aspect. Jupiter’s antiscia opposition to Venus brings heavy rain and flooding to the land. The latest flooding hit crisis point around the time when transiting Venus crossed the Midheaven of the 2010 ingress horoscope.

The Moon at 26° Taurus is conjunct the fixed star Algol.
Algol is infamous or its association with disaster. The Moon conjunct Algol is conjunct the fourth house cusp, which represents the land farms crops and mining.

From a traditional astrological viewpoint the flooding in Australia in 2010/2011 is clearly represented by Jupiter in Pisces and its antiscia opposition to Venus, ruler of the fourth house; and also the Moon’s conjunction with Algol and the fourth house cusp.

Viewpoint from Contemporary Astrology

Contemporary astrologers view Neptune as the planet which rules flooding. This is consistent with the mythology surrounding Neptune’s Greek precursor Poseidon who ruled the wild and tempestuous seas. Neptune conjoins the Ascendant in Australia’s 2010 ingress horoscope. Planets which conjoin the Ascendant are considered to be especially significant by astrologers.

Moon square Neptune

Neptune is exactly squared by the Moon which sits on Algol, as discussed above. The Moon in a mundane horoscope represents the common people. The people are experiencing disastrous flooding.

The Moon also makes a square aspect to Uranus, the planet which represents sudden and shocking events. Uranus is in Pisces the sign of water and is expressing its disturbing energy through the watery domain.

The power of ingress horoscopes

Both the traditional and the contemporary view of astrology provide convincing evidence of the power and accuracy of national ingress horoscopes. From a contemporary viewpoint Neptune’s symbolism accurately reflects the current situation.

In previous articles I have mentioned the power of ingress to represent national events. My post on the Arizona Shootings is one example. Others include my successful prediction for date of the 2010 Australian federal election,  and my post on the Australian election.

List of major flooding events in Australia 2010/2011

1. March 2010: Much of south western and central Queensland underwent major flooding.
2. Early September 2010: Floods a widespread across the state of Victoria Australia.
3. December 2010: Carnarvon/Gascoyne region in Western Australia.
4. December 2010 – January 2011: Vast areas of Southern and Central Queensland, an area the size of Germany and France combined were flooded. About 300 roads were closed, including nine major highways. Coal railway lines were closed and numerous mine sites flooded.

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