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Gaia Telescope launch

 Quote from http://edition.cnn.com/2013/12/18/world/europe/gaia-space-telescope/:

Gaia Telscope Launch horoscope “Building on the work of the pioneering Hipparcos satellite that mapped the stellar neighbourhood in the 1990s, Gaia will be used to carry out work analogous to the cartographers who surveyed the Earth in the 19th and 20th centuries, building up the first accurate charts of the cosmos and helping us better understand the structure, history and fate of the galaxy we live in.”

Thank you Ed Tamplin

This post replaces the previous post on the Gaia telescope launch . Ed Tamplin was kind enough to call me to advise that the time mentioned in the previous post was incorrect. Keep an eye on Ed’s site for his take on the subject. 

Brief notes for the Gaia telescope launch horoscope: 

Ascendant ruler Jupiter retrograde in Cancer .

In the sign Cancer Jupiter is exalted – there is a lot of hope riding on this mission. 
Normally retrograde motion suggests a problem with functioning – let us hope that there are no serious technical issues. 
However the retrograde motion may indicate the revision that the launch of the Gaia Telescope brings to our understanding of science and the universe. 

Mercury, planet of flight, conjunct the Ascendant 

Mercury, the planet with wings, conjoins the Ascendant. Mercury has long represented flight. 
In this horoscope Mercury rules the Midheaven which represents the mission for the launch of the Gaia Telescope.

Moon‘s separates from Saturn and applies to Venus by opposition 

Saturn as the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius rules science itself. The Moon‘s separation from Saturn and application to a stationary Venus in Capricorn suggests that scientific principles are likely to be contradicted in some way by the images (Venus) brought to us by Gaia. Venus’s subsequent retrograde motion indicate a possible revision of long held scientific principles. 
Venus is also making a trine aspect to the Midheaven: the purpose of the mission. Its subsequent retrograde motion draws the alignment in closer and is in harmony with the Gaia mission’s purpose.

Sun‘s late degree in Sagittarius on Galactic Centre

In this horoscope for the Gaia Telescope launch the Sun on the degree associated with the galactic centre directs our attention to the purpose of this mission: mapping our galaxy. There is a natural alignment shown by this horoscope with the purpose of the Gaia telescope mission.

The Sun also represents light and its imminent ingress to Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn, the planet of darkness, suggests a change in perspective regarding light. Perhaps insight into the mystery of dark matter.

First Manned Landing of the Moon 

The angles of this chart also resonate with that of the First Manned Moon landing where the Ascendant was 22 Pisces (conjunct the IC in this chart) and the Midheaven was 26 Sagittarius, conjunct the Sun in this chart for the Gaia Telescope Launch. 

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