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Horary astrology

Basic premise

The basic premise of astrology in general and horary astrology in particular is that there is a correlation between celestial and earthly events. In modern times this notion is often expressed as ‘anything born or done at a moment in time shares the quality of that moment’. And also: “As above, so below”.

Natal astrology takes this basic principle and applies it to the event of the birth of an individual, under the premise that the configuration of the planets at the moment of a person’s birth reveals the nature and course of a person’s life.

Horary astrology applies this idea of a correspondence between celestial and earthly events to the ‘birth’ of a question.

Interrogational astrology

Horary astrology is also referred to as ‘interrogational astrology’, and is concerned with answering specific questions through the examination and interpretation of a horoscope for the moment that the question is presented to an astrologer.

Underlying assumption

The assumption of horary astrology is that everything in this world is interconnected, and since the question is asked at a specific moment in time, then the answer must also be reflected in the horoscope cast for that same moment.

Basic astrological principles

Horary astrology follows a specific set of interpretive principles that have remained relatively constant for many centuries. These principles are not exclusive to horary astrology and are basic to all astrology.

A brief history of horary astrology 

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