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Horary astrology and the natal chart

ConfusedThe horary chart is a stand alone chart and we do not need to refer to the natal chart to find answers to questions.

This statement often triggers some interesting and animated responses.

One astrologer who has been practicing horary for decades claims that the natal chart needs to be referred to in order to obtain accurate answers to horary questions.

We often find that astrologers who refer to the natal chart also use the so-called ‘modern’ rulers of the zodiac signs. To read more about the connection between the use of the natal chart when answering horary questions and the use of modern rulers click here.

I have encountered astrologers who exclaim with a sense of wonder how amazing it is that some planets in the horary chart are aligned closely with planets in the querent’s natal chart. “What an extraordinary coincidence!” I heard one say.

However this coincidence only shows why the question is being asked in the first place. These coincidental alignments are the transits which triggered the horary question.

Not only is this coincidence not surprising, it is normal.

The querent is going through a challenging period and is prompted to ask the astrologer a question. This is normally a ‘should’ question: “Should I do this or do that?”

If you are unable to answer a horary without recourse to the natal chart you might need to brush up on your knowledge. Do some more study. The answer to the question is, in my experience, always there in the horary chart. If your astrology teacher suggests it’s necessary to refer to the natal chart perhaps it is time to change your teacher.

One of the big advantages of horary astrology when compared to natal astrology is that the horary chart is only about the question asked. Nothing else. There is no need to explore the many layers contained in the natal chart or to examine various derived charts, such as solar returns and secondary progressions.

If you want to save yourself time and find accurate and fast answers to questions, learn horary astrology.

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