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How to make predictions

The horary astrology course is focused on how to make accurate predictions about anything without the aid of a natal chart. Instead a chart for the time when the question is asked is used.
There is a strong cosmic resonance with the serious intent of the person asking the question and the chart for the time when it is asked, and this resonance is shown in the horary chart as the past and the future in relation to the matter asked about.
Modern natal astrology has a number of serious disadvantages compared to horary astrology. The most obvious is that few birth times are accurate. So many people give their birth time as being 6 pm or on the hour, which seems to defy the laws of probability. Many astrologers spend hours trying to rectify charts but there can never be any certainty that these charts are accurate.
In contrast the horary chart is accurately timed for when the astrologer receives the question.
Neither does the horary chart require us to wade through the details of solar return charts, progressed charts, or harmonic charts. All that is needed is contained within the one chart.
Perhaps the major advantage of the horary astrology is that the chart has only a singular focus: the question asked. In comparison the astrological symbolism contained in the natal chart can be interpreted on many different levels for different time periods.
Most clients come with one or two major concerns and seek a practical and accurate answers to their questions. Horary astrology provides accurate and clear answers to common questions. The questions can include relationships, money, work, health, etc..
Modern astrologers have the opportunity to dramatically increase their effectiveness and value to clients by using horary astrology. Horary offers a huge time saving as well as increased accuracy.
The other interesting point is that horary has retained the ancient predictive techniques that were discarded by Alan Leo at the beginning of the last century. These techniques were ditched so that he could avoid being seen as a predictive astrologer (he was being prosecuted for making public predictions and wanted to stay out of jail). It is ironic that many of these techniques we known to W.D. Gann and would be so useful for predicting the stock markets using financial astrology.
Horary astrology has retained the ancient predictive techniques and in the Horary Astrology Diploma Course I explain clearly how these techniques are used. This is an online correspondence course (distance education).

If you have any questions please feel welcome to contact me.

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