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Lunar Eclipse April 15

Lunations and Eclipses

Lunar Eclipse Eclipses are a fascination for many people. Their supposed power is the stuff of legends. In order understand their astrological importance we need to get the basics right.

Eclipses occur at lunations (new and full moons) and are often trigger points for events.
At a lunar eclipse whatever is represented by the Moon is also eclipsed. Blocked out. Among other things, the Moon represents our emotional responses. In palmistry and in Vedic (Indian) Astrology the Moon is associated with the images of the mind.

When the Moon is eclipsed the bright light of the rational mind, represented by the Sun, burns away our emotional fantasies. Reason dominates. At the moment there is a lot of internet talk about the supposed effects of the April 15 2014 Libran Moon, but in reality it is the Aries Sun which dominates, not the Moon.
In this case the Sun is in Aries. So how reasonable is the Sun in Aries? Somewhat impetuous you might answer.

The Sun is ruled by Mars in its detriment in retrograde motion. This is a quarrelsome poorly behaved Mars. Its inclination to be destructive is misdirected by diplomatic considerations. Intemperate. Its impending opposition to the messenger Mercury does not sound like good news. Consequently this exalted Sun is poorly managed.

The Sun in Aries is often associated with leadership. Consequently we can expect the response of leadership in the real world to various crises, whether they be threats or acts of violence or nature in destructive mode, to be poorly managed or perhaps misdirected.

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