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Lunar Eclipse October 8

Lunar Eclipse in Aries Oc 8 2014tEclipses are a fascination for many people. Their supposed power is the stuff of legends. In order understand their astrological importance we need to get the basics right.

Eclipses occur at lunations (new and full moons) and are often trigger points for events.
At a lunar eclipse whatever is represented by the Moon is also eclipsed. Blocked out. Among other things, the Moon represents our emotional responses.

When the Moon is eclipsed the bright light of the rational mind, represented by the Sun, burns away our emotional fantasies. Reason dominates. At the moment there is a lot of internet talk about the supposed effects of the April 15 2014 Libran Moon, but in reality it is the Aries Sun which dominates, not the Moon.
In this case the Sun is in Libra. So how is the Sun in Libra? In its detriment, not able to provide decisive leadership.

The Sun is ruled by Venus in Libra, in its rulership but still blinded by the Sun.

The Sun-Moon/Uranus opposition sits at the midpoint of the impending Mars-Jupiter trine. Mars in Sagittarius rules the high moral ground where warlike adventurism is rationalized.

The Moon is conjunct Uranus with less than a degree of separation. Uranus has a splintering effect. It is the planet of breakaway, revolution, independence, terror and volatility. While the Moon’s light is obscured the harsh Uranian energies are directly opposed to the Sun. While the Sun in Libra conjoining Venus is known for diplomacy, it is difficult to picture diplomatic solutions to the volatile in the Middle East at this time. With 4 cosmic bodies in fire signs and all in aspect, the situation could become rather inflammatory.

In Bagdad at the time of the eclipse Saturn sits on the Midheaven (10th house cusp). It is a very serious time.

In Washington the eclipse chart has the Sun-Moon opposition very close to the ascendant axis (1st house and 7th house) with Pluto on the 4th house cusp (the IC).  A glance at the US Sibley chart shows that the Sun-Moon opposition of the eclipse chart squares the US Sun and the Midheaven of the eclipse chart conjoins the US Sun.

There are too many factors to cover in this short analysis but altogether the situation looks volatile.

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