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Master astrologers or ….



A few months ago I had an encounter with a so-called ‘master astrologer’ who was providing interpretations on planets whose existence cannot be verified (the so-called ‘hypothetical planets‘), did not know how to assess the strength of planets in different parts of the zodiac (this is called ‘the essential dignities’) and did not know how secondary progressions worked. And this was a ‘master astrologer’. Her ego was a trifle inflated!

The term “master astrologer” is sometimes used for marketing purposes by both men and women.

If you are learning astrology such a title may seem impressive. Unfortunately the truth is that all astrologers, whatever their level of expertise, even the very good ones, are continually learning and updating their skills. I have not seen any exceptions to this rule.

I also know several astrologers who use the term ‘master astrologer’ in their promos who are very decent people and who are humble and respectful in their dealings with clients and peers. While I do not want to offend these people I do think their use of the title could be reconsidered.

The word master conveys a sense of perfection, mastery.

It has been used in reference to a small number of astrologers who have passed before us, such as William Lilly. However to apply the title to the living without the benefit of hindsight is a little presumptuous in my opinion, especially when the title is self-appointed.

If you are searching for an astrology teacher look for someone with considerable experience; someone who is skilled in the 4 basic levels of astrology: horary electional natal and mundane; someone who is able to communicate concepts simply and clearly; someone who is respectful and doesn’t need to announce their apparent mastery.

Qualifications are difficult to assess. While certificates and diplomas may demonstrate expertise they often simply show the ability to pass exams. And unfortunately the certification offered by some astrology well known organisations is based on a watered down form of astrology. On the other hand, while it is not always the case, those who are self-taught more often have big gaps in their knowledge.

An astrologer teacher needs to balance humility with confidence. I suggest caution where the word ‘master’ is invoked to attract your custom. Don’t be fooled!



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