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NZ Election 2017

One of the oldest, and in my experience most effective ways to predict the outcome of a national political election is to use the horoscope for the ingress of the Sun, set for the nation’s capital. The 2017 ingress chart is explored here to assess whether it accurately predicts the outcome of the NZ Election.

NZ electionThe ingress chart for the NZ Election is set for the current astrological year, which begins when the Sun‘s apparent path crosses the equator at the Aries equinox, usually on March 20 2017, and the location is the nation’s capital: Wellington.

The incumbent government, the centre-right national party led by Bill English, is shown by the ruler of the 10th house and the opposition is shown by the ruler of the 4th house.

The challengers to the incumbent party is the Labour party and the minor parties

The outcome is assessed by examining the condition of these two rulers: their essential and accidental dignities, planets in the 10th and 4th houses, and aspects to these rulers.  An important consideration is the next aspect of the Moon. The Moon is generally used to represent the common people, the voters, although the ruler of the 1st house can also be used for this purpose.

In this horoscope the Moon applies to the ruler of the 4th house, Saturn, with 4 minutes of arc. By itself this is almost sufficient to indicate that the opposition wins the election. It should be pointed out that the Moon was applying to Saturn everywhere in the world in each nation’s ingress chart. The difference here is that Saturn rules the 4th house cusp, and does not do so in most other countries. The other difference is context: not every country is holding an election in this astrological year.

Another factor favouring the opposition is that the 4th house ruler is located in the 1st house of the people. The Moon is also in the people’s house applying to Saturn.

Also we see Jupiter, the ruler of the 1st house, in the sign of Saturn’s exaltation: the people like what the opposition has to offer.

In the government’s favour the Moon’s north node, which represents gain, is located in the 10th house of government, although it’s in a different sign than the one on the Midheaven, which lessens its potency. The ruler of the 10th house, the Sun, is in the sign of its exaltation, which is an essential dignity showing strength. This compares well with the essential dignity of the opposition’s ruling planet Saturn, which is peregrine, a minor weakness.

The Sun however is not well placed at the cusp of the 5th house. Here it is unable to ‘see’ the Midheaven, and has little strength. Compare this with the 4th house ruler representing the opposition which is in a powerful angular house.

In this method only the two lights and the 5 visible planets are used. In a departure from tradition I will use the outer planets when they are within a degree of one of the significators, ascendant or Midheaven, by conjunction or Ptolemaic aspect (trine, square, opposition, sextile). In this case Uranus, the planet of sudden surprises, makes a very close trine to the ascendant (5 minutes of separation).  The heading in The Age (Victoria Australia) reads:

Sudden star promises ‘fairer deal’ for NZ.

The announcement that Jacinta Ardern was to be NZ’s next PM was described as startling and she appeared somewhat stunned.

Even without the inclusion of Uranus this ancient Medieval method appears to accurately predict the outcome of the 2017 NZ election.


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