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Palmistry & Astrology

Sometimes I am approached by practising astrologers asking about palmistry.
Palmistry is particularly well suited to astrological practice as it provides insight as to which planetary indicators find expression in real life and shows how important transits manifest.
I have been using palmistry since 1984 in conjunction with astrology and always include palmistry in any face-to-face astrology reading. The insights offered by the hands add so much more depth to a reading.

Perhaps one of the main advantages of incorporating palmistry is that it is so quick – there is no need to calculate a horoscope as everybody carries 2 ready made maps with them, one on each hand, reflecting the outer and inner nature.

The horoscope offers a template for experience and personality expression. The hands show how this template is expressed. One flows into the other. The horoscope and the hands are intimately connected. Many people are aware that the hands contain zones which are named after planets. The practice of  astrology and the practice of palmistry form a natural pair.  The capacity to make predictions that fit the context of the client’s life is greatly enhanced by a combination of astrology and palmistry.

Astrologers who wish to advance their professional skills and increase their level of service to clients have the opportunity to incorporate palmistry into their practice. Palmistry also goes by the technical name of ‘chirology’, which means study of the hands. Most astrologers are familiar with the centaur Chiron of ancient myth who taught the healing arts.

I cannot imagine doing a reading without consulting the client’s hands and I am amazed that the majority of astrologers do not take advantage of this extraordinary tool. And it is truly extraordinary.

In my course I take students step-by-step through the basic principles, correct the fallacies perpetuated in most of the literature, and show how use this tool in practice.

Students who have completed my Astrology Foundation Studies Course or the Horary Astrology Certificate Course receive a discount for the Palmistry Course.
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The Horary Astrology Practitioners Diploma correspondence course contains the foundation principles for natal and modern astrology.

The Palmistry Practitioners Diploma correspondence Course provides basic logical principles underlying hand reading as well as the "how-to" practical application about how to read the hands.

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