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Planets & people: nature unchanged

Venus ingress into TaurusI received an email from an astro friend in UK challenging the idea that concepts of ‘benefic‘ and ‘malefic‘ are applicable in today’s astrology.

Basically she was saying that we cannot transplant the terms and rules of astrology from an earlier period in English history to astrology in today’s Western world.

BTW if you are unfamiliar with the exact astrological meaning of the terms ‘benefic‘ and ‘malefic‘ please click this link for an explanation.

However people are still people with similar motivations and concerns as they had centuries ago. They are still driven by the desires that we all experience such as compassion, love, lust, greed, the need to be accepted etc . While I appreciate that the changes brought on by technology have reshaped our physical and material world, our nature is much the same.

We have not changed sufficiently for Mars not to be Mars or for Saturn not to be Saturn. The essence of the planets is the same and we are constituted by their various planetary combinations as we always have which is described by the horoscope.

When a planet ingresses from one sign to another, for example Venus from Aries into Taurus, the expression of Venus changes accordingly, as does everything in this world which is composed of the essence of Venus. They move as one, from a state of debility to a state of dignity, malefic to benefic.

While the outer appearance of our lives has changed, our natures are still driven by the same forces as in previous times.

Yes there have been changes in our sense of individuality and various hierarchical structures have broken down or been replaced. And we now have 3 extra planets to use (I realise that some use other planetoids and asteroids).

However the power of the classical planets (Moon thru to Saturn in order of speed) remains as powerful as ever. In my experience the continued use of their essential and accidental dignities is remarkably effective.

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