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Profections: ancient predictive technique explained

Ancient method

Profections is an ancient predictive method which is simple and quick. No computer is required for the calculations.

There are 2 different methods of profecting the horoscope

Profections for Obama1. Move the chart in a anti-clockwise direction 1 sign per year.

2. Move the chart in a anti-clockwise direction motion 1 house per year.

It is most likely that the 2nd method is a corruption of the 1st, as the word ‘house’ was originally used to represent the zodiac signs which were referred to as ‘celestial houses’.

In both cases the ruler of the sign or house is used to indicate the fortunes for the year in question, depending on its condition, natal aspects etc..

Here we will use the method of 1 sign per year.

Use in conjunction with other methods

Profections is normally used in together with other methods such as directions, solar returns, progressions and transits.

The sign ruler in the profected horoscope is given special significance in these other methods. For example transits to the ruler of the profected year will be especially important.

Stand alone explanation

Here we will look at profections as a stand-alone method.

Barack Obama’s chart will be used as an example to demonstrate how to use the method.
The chart is divided into the 12 signs beginning with the ascendant degree.
Each sign following the ascendant sign begins with the same degree.

To achieve accuracy only use the classical rulers of the signs.

Essential dignities

A knowledge of the essential dignities of the planets provides an indispensable tool for evaluating the quality of the ruler of the year. Auspicious years are shown by the ruling planet in excellent zodiacal condition (rulership or exaltation)  and challenging years are shown by the ruler in detriment or fall.

12 year sequence

The 1st year of life begins at the ascendant.
At the end of this 1st year the person is 1 year old.
The planetary ruler of the 1st sign rules the 1st year of life.
Aquarius rules the 1st house in Obama’s chart and therefore Saturn rules the 1st year of his life.

The 2nd year of life begins at the beginning of the 2nd sign.
At the end of this 2nd year the person is 2 years old.
The planetary ruler of the 2nd sign rules the 2nd year of life.
Pisces rules the 2nd house in Obama’s chart and therefore Jupiter rules the 2nd year of his life.

The 3rd year of life begins at the beginning of the 3rd sign.
At the end of this 3rd year the person is 3 years old.
The planetary ruler of the 3rd sign rules the 3rd year of life.
Aries rules the 3rd sign in Obama’s chart and therefore Mars rules the 3rd year of his life.

Note that each sign rules years which are 12 years apart:
The 1st sign rules the first year, the 13th year (12 YOA), the 25th year (24 YOA), the 37th year (36 YOA) and the 49th year (48 YOA).

Sub-periods: months

The first month of the birthday year (birthday to birthday) is shown by the first sign, the second month by the second sign and so on.  The ruler of the sign functions as a sub-ruler for the month in question. However the year ruler is the major influence.  Below is an example using the election of Barack Obama’s to the US presidency in 2008.

Obama elected president

Profections for Obama 2When Obama was elected to the presidency of the USA in 2008 he was 47 YOA (in his 48th year) which is represented in the profected horoscope by the 12th sign

Therefore his 48th Year ruled by Saturn which rules the 1st and 12th houses..

Profections and natal set-up

How is this rise to power reflected in this natal set-up? Here I will mention 2 points. A comprehensive examination of Obama’s horoscope would reveal a more comprehensive analysis.

Firstly Saturn is very powerful in its own sign of Capricorn.

However its placement in his 12th house suggests that this power is accessed only with great difficulty. It is Saturn’s antiscia opposition to the Moon which explains why he is able to extend his reach and add his persuasive voice to the nation’s highest office.
Saturn (Lord of the 1st and 2nd houses) is in antiscia opposition to Moon; and the Moon translates Mercury’s light to Pluto. If you have not been introduced to the antiscia please contact me for further information. I refer to them as ‘shadow aspects’.

Secondly Mars, ruler of the 10th house of ambitions, professional power and one’s calling, trines Saturn. Obama is called to office.


Obama was elected on the 4th November 2008.
Counting the signs from his birthday on August 4:
Capricorn is the first month (August 4 – September 3),
Aquarius = the 2nd month (4 September – 3 October),
Pisces = the 3rd month (4th October – 3 November) and;
Aries = the 4th month (4th November – 3 December).

Therefore Mars was the monthly sub-ruler for Obama on election day. Mars rules his Midheaven as we have seen above Mars trines the ruler for his 47th year, Saturn.

As mentioned above we would use other methods in conjunction with profections to predict Obama’s election to the US presidency.

This article is intended only as a brief introduction to profections.

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