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Psychic prophesy of wealth

Those who study horary astrology often become overwhelmed by the number of possible astrological indicators to consider when attempting to answer a question.

The first important step is to understand the question.

Next it is essential to restrict one’s focus to what is relevant to the question. Anything else is a distraction. Too often beginning students include in their consideration a wide assortment of planets and aspects that are simply not relevant. In my Horary Astrology Certificate Course I find that I am frequently encouraging students to minimise the number of astrological indicators they are considering. Less is more.

Psychic prophesy 

Psychic prophesy of wealthConsider for example the question: “The psychic prophesied that I would win the lottery, is this prophesy true?

Students who have completed the early lessons of my Horary Astrology Certificate Course will know that the 9th house rules prophesies, and of course astrology itself. To answer the question many students then proceed to examine the condition of the 9th house ruler and other factors connecting the querent with the 9th house.

The real question

Closer consideration shows that the client is not really concerned with the validity or otherwise of the prediction, interesting though this may be in theory.

However the client’s attention is riveted by the prospect of being the recipient of untold wealth and unearned luxury, no bills to be concerned about ever again, of having the freedom to travel without concern for cost and being able to employ servants to fulfil every wish.

This is the stuff of basic desires wishes and hopes. Basic human psychology reveals that the real question is: Will I win the lottery as the psychic prophesied?

We live in a sea of desires and the prospect of winning the lottery can flood the mind in delusions of glory. Clearly the client is most concerned with the prospect of becoming wealthy.

The default answer

First of all common sense tells us that the default answer to this question is “no”, because the odds are heavily weighed against the client winning the lottery. Therefore we need very strong evidence to confidently provide a “yes” answer.

Lotteries, windfalls

Lotteries, windfalls and ‘pennies from heaven’ are ruled by the 11th house. A lottery win is shown by an applying aspect between the Lord of the 11th house and the client’s significator. The client is represented by the ruler of the 1st house which in this case is the Moon.

The 11th house has Taurus on the cusp and is therefore ruled by Venus. Venus represents the lottery win.

The Moon‘s aspect

Does the Moon make an applying aspect to Venus? No it does not.

The Moon is at 14.31 degrees of Cancer and Venus is at 26.19 degrees of Sagittarius. Cancer and Sagittarius are signs that are inconjunct and therefore cannot ‘see’ each other. In horary astrology we only use the Ptolemaic aspects, which are the conjunction opposition square trine and sextile.

Note that there was no need to consider any planets except the Moon and Venus. The beauty of horary astrology is its simplicity and ease of use.

‘Void-of-course’ Moon

There are other factors which support this judgement, such as the Moon being ‘Void-of-course’ (VOC). This means that the Moon makes no Ptolemaic aspects to any other traditional planets before it leaves the sign that it is in at the moment.

A VOC Moon indicates that nothing will come of the question providing there is no overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Fascinating though this may be, we did not need a VOC Moon to answer the question.

Uranus and the outer planets

What about the Moon’s trine to Uranus do I hear you ask? The light of Uranus is not visible to the unaided human eye and therefore it is not considered. Neither does it play a part in traditional cosmology. In horary astrology it is not necessary to use the outer planets as there is sufficient meaning already built into the chart.

Learn horary astrology first

In my view the best way to learn astrology is to first study horary astrology. It provides the foundation principles upon which natal astrology and other forms of astrology are built. By learning horary astrology first you avoid common pitfalls such as misunderstanding the meaning of the houses, not knowing which planets represent what aspect of life, being unable to properly assess relationships between people represented by the planets in the horoscope.

Experienced astrologers who have completed my Horary Astrology Diploma report that their astrological knowledge and understanding has been transformed and that they will never look at a chart the same way again.

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