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Solar Return Workshop

Solar return charts were used by ancient astrologers and are still used today to forecast the year ahead.
In this workshop I will examine some of the confusions surrounding the interpretation of solar return charts.
Simple traditional techniques offer the missing keys for interpretation.
Save yourself time and confusion: extract more meaning from fewer symbols.
How to link the solar return horoscope with the natal horoscope.
Techniques to predict the year ahead.
Sorting out what is relevant.
New technique: Solar timing.

Where: Elwood & St Kilda Neighbourhood Learning Centre,  87 Tennyson St Elwood.
: Saturday 28th May, 2-5 pm Cost: $20.
Facilitator: Peter Burns
Discussion of your personal horoscope: You are welcome to bring your chart (horoscope). If you don’t have your horoscope and would like to have it discussed during the workshop that you attend please contact Peter Burns beforehand.

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