11 March 2011 2 Comments

The fallacy of rising house cusps

Although it may seem to be counter-intuitive, from fewer indicators more meaning and accurate interpretations can be extracted from the horoscope. This minimalist approach brings astrology alive and provides extraordinary depth and subtlety. Horary Astrology Reading Request a reading. Most subjects covered. The Horary Astrology Practitioners Diploma correspondence course contains the foundation principles for natal and modern astrology. […]

13 March 2010 0 Comments

2010 Ingress for Australia

The Sun’s second house placement suggests that in 2010 financial security is a primary concern. The Sun applies by trine to Mars in Leo, which has only recently stationed direct and is still moving slowly. Mars as the tenth house ruler represents the Rudd government, and its placement in the sixth house highlights health care […]

30 July 2008 0 Comments

Economic Meltdown

In June this year I travelled with my partner Alison Feiner to a financial astrology conference in Copenhagen. This was a fascinating event. Business, money and finances were all discussed from the perspective of astrology. We were reminded by Tim Bost of the coming ‘Cardinal Crisis’ which extends from 2008/9 to 2012 approximately, involving the […]