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Taxation and other people’s money

moneyA beginning astrologer said to me recently that taxation belongs to the 8th house.

Why? I asked – “because”, I was told, “the 8th house is other people’s money.”

Well yes that’s true but taxation isn’t other people’s money.

To be really clear taxation is the government’s money, and if you don’t believe it’s true try having an argument with them about it! And since it’s the government’s money it belongs to the 11th house, which is the 2nd house from the 10th house of government.

Just as the 2nd house from the 1st house is your money and provides you with support and sustenance, so the 2nd from the 10th supports the government. It is the government’s coffers.

In questions like: Will I be hit with a big tax bill? what we don’t want to see is the government (10th house ruler) taking a shine to your money (2nd house ruler). What we do want is no aspects between the two rulers and the 10th house ruler in the sign where your 2nd house ruler is in detriment or fall. If the government does not like your money it is a good thing!

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