Following are testimonials for Peter Burns astrology readings and courses.
Reading Testimonial
After making a major transition in my life i sought some guidance and clarification for the year ahead for 2012. Through Peters accurate Horary Astrological reading l had gained clear insight into my current actions and future direction with the aspects of my life that required attention and focus according to planetary positions and my desires to succeed and achieve. I had found Peter’s reading to be very accurate and helpful in providing practical guidance with questions at hand.
Being a natural medicine health provider myself I was keen to explore my emotional, personal and professional year ahead and make proactive choices with awareness so I can benefit and understand how and why events are unfolding. With this deeper understanding the reading provided a very valuable tool to help balance the internal self exploration with the external exploration of life. The reading was enjoyable to read, well articulated and easily read, providing clarity of mind and motivation to help overcome obstacles that may be required for the best possible outcomes.
Through Peters professionalism and practical analysis of his craft I would recommend him highly for those who are seeking a better understanding of the self and how the planetary influences impact on our emotions, decision makings and choices. Living in harmony with our internal and external environment, including the larger picture of scientific astrological movements is a very important contributing factor to include in ones scope of health and well being while addressing personal/professional development. I believe astrology is a part of our holistic system helping us to gain better understanding of how we live our lives.
So I thank you Peter for your skilled and professional chart reading, l would highly recommend you to others. I look forward to learning more about astrology through Facebook contact.
Kind Regards, Alison QLD Airlie Beach
Course Testimonials
Having just completed the Diploma course with Peter Burns I can honestly say that I now feel very well equiped and confident enough to accurately assess and draw a conclusion for almost any Horary chart.  I strongly recommend students nearing the completion of the Horary Certificate course to continue their education by enrolling in the Horary Diploma course – the knowledge that you will gain in the Horary Certificate will be enriched by working through the Horary Diploma course.”
Linda Staunton

Diploma Correspondence Course in Horary Astrology

I have just finished the Certificate Course in Horary and can highly recommend it. My interest in astrology began in the 1970’s so I have a good understanding of modern astrology. The study of horary has introduced me to many new concepts such as the use of dignity and reception and has transformed the way I look at astrology. I can now use it much more effectively in daily life.
Peter Burns has been an excellent teacher, always prompt in reply to the lesson questions and in answering any extra questions from me. I am proceeding to the diploma course with enthusiasm.”
Bronwyn Kortekaas

As an experienced Astrologer with a background in Modern Astrology, I was astounded to discover the detail and depth found within this branch of Astrology called ‘Horary, Divination by the stars’.  As I moved through each lesson I found myself being exposed to new and different astrological concepts which challenged me to look outside of what  I knew.
Prior to commencing the course I thought I might need to apply for ‘Recognition of Prior Learning’ but in retrospect I am glad that did not because I would have denied myself the opportunity to build a solid foundation in the understanding and application of Horary techniques from the first lesson.
Each lesson builds on the next and I can confirm that in the event that there is anything that you don’t understand Peter is available to answer any questions you might have and can I say, he does this in a succinct and prompt manner.
Should anyone be wanting to learn about the art of Horary Astrology I recommend Peter as a teacher, he really does deliver.  By participating in this course it became apparent that he certainly does have extensive knowledge in this field of Astrology.  I have walked away from this course with a deep appreciation and respect for Traditional Astrology, so much so that I am continuing my studies with the school
Linda Staunton
Certificate Course in Horary Astrology

I would highly recommend Ambrosia Academy of Astrology for online courses.  I feel I have learned Astrology from the very basics, now having completed the Horary Diploma course online I am very keen to go further with my astrological studies.  I found Peter to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful and supportive and very prompt with his responses.  I very much appreciated Peter’s patience and attention to detail.  The course is extremely detailed and simple to understand even with no previous astrological experience“.

J. Fagan
(Hong Kong)

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Horary Certificate Course
Horary Diploma Course