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The 2011 Ingress for Australia

The Aries ingress of the Sun represents the astrological New Year and has been traditionally used to provide an indicator of the year ahead. On March 21st the Sun enters Aries marking the beginning of Spring in the northern hemisphere and Autumn in the southern hemisphere. The Sun is used to represent the New Year because it is the source of light and life in our solar system. To show how this New Year is the uniquely expressed in Australia the ingress horoscope is set for our capital Canberra.
Ingress horoscopes are used as predictive tools and before we look at the ingress for 2011 I would like to offer some quotes from my comments in the 2010 March FAA Journal for the 2010 Ingress for Australia:
  • Healthcare:
    The Sun’s trine to Mars shows economic initiatives applied to healthcare. Mars is said to have ‘its joy’ in the sixth house because its ability to cut away what does not function, and this may be reflected in the elimination of duplicated services and cost-cutting measures. (Rudd tried very hard to do this).
  • Neptune’s fury – floods and nature’s fury.
    Of major interest in this dynamic horoscope is the location of Neptune within a degree of the Ascendant, squared by the Moon which is aligned within a degree of the IC, conjoining Algol. The important of this square between Neptune and the Moon is amplified as it on the power points represented by the angles.
    Neptune suggests inspiration and high ideals in the positive, and deception and confusion in the negative. It has been associated with floods and nature’s fury. …Let us hope that Neptune’s placement on the Ascendant is benign. (It clearly was not benign).
  • Disaster
    The Moon’s conjunction with the fixed star Algol, which has a reputation for disaster, and its square with watery Neptune is most inauspicious. (It was very inauspicious).
  • Trouble for Rudd’s government. Rudd’s challenges
    From April until July Jupiter Saturn will be conjoin and oppose Rudd’s Sun/Mars conjunction, providing a roller-coaster ride. (Rudd was ‘derailed’).
2011 Ingress AustraliaIn the 2011 solar ingress horoscope for Australia the Sun applies to a conjunction with Uranus, within 30 minutes. This disturbing feature will be found in the ingress horoscopes for every country. What is unique to Australia’s horoscope is its placement in the 11th house, the house of luck and good fortune, and close allies. We may witness a change in allegiances. Of course Uranus is well known for its revolutionary associations and perhaps the cascading clarion call for democracy in the Arab world may have unforeseen ramifications.
Julia Gillard The Sun is the natural representative of the country’s ruler, and its application to Uranus may suggest some unsettling surprises for Julia Gillard. However this same reasoning can be applied to the ingress horoscope for every country so we must take care. However her Sun at 5-6 Capricorn receives a square aspect from Pluto and her Venus at 6 Virgo receives a square aspect from Pluto, so we know from this that she is under great pressure on several fronts. She will need to be astute to overcome these challenges.
Surprises for the Treasury The 11th house also represents the government’s coffers and the tax bills we receive, and Uranus’ presence here suggests some disturbing surprises.
The land, crops and mining industry The Sun in this horoscope is also the 4th house ruler, representing the land, crops, and the mining industry. In the context of recent efforts by the mining to flex its muscle the Sun’s proximity to Uranus may indicate a mining revolt against the imposition of new taxes. In modern astrology Uranus has also been associated with earthquakes and tsunamis, so lets hope that our land is not imperilled in this manner.
Housing market The 4th house also indicates the housing market and perhaps the upward trends will be reversed.
Financial advantage The Ascendant ruler, which is Venus, is also given primary consideration, and here it is powerfully placed in the angular 10th house. Although it has no essential dignity (natural strength) its angular position suggests this country is at some advantage in world terms. Venus receives a translation of Mercury’s light from the Moon. As Mercury rules both the 2nd and 5th houses it is difficult to provide a precise interpretation. However in its role as ruler of the 2nd house it represents our prosperity, and the opposition from the Moon suggests the people are not happy with their financial lot. Mercury’s 12th house location is a negative indicator, and suggests we are the author of our own troubles.

Observant astrologers will note that Mercury does not in fact make a sextile aspect to Venus, because Mercury is in fact slowly in speed towards its retrograde station, and Venus enters the sign of its exaltation before Mercury can catch up.
Likewise Pluto appears to be making a trine to the ascendant but in fact stations retrograde before the aspect is perfected.   
Smoke and mirrors Venus applies to Neptune by conjunction. Because Venus is the ascendant ruler this is a disturbing feature. It suggest that the country is moving towards a time of some confusion. Subterfuge and sabotage are words that have been used to describe Neptune. Neptune is also the natural ruler of oil, which may assume special importance in the coming astrological year.
Healthcare and unions While the 1st house represents the health of the nation the 6th house shows the national weakness (ill-health) and the Moon’s placement here indicates the concern with healthcare. It is separating from Saturn and applying to a 12th house Mercury.

The 6th house also represents the workers and trade unions and the Moon’s presence here suggests that issues with trade union become important. The Moon is ‘via combust’ in the zone between 15 Libra – 15 Scorpio indicating that the common people are not happy.
Winds of change Altogether this is not a horoscope that paints a rosy picture, but one that suggests the winds of change and the need for wise action.

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