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The Arabian Parts (Lots)

The Parts, sometimes called ‘Arabian Parts’ or ‘Lots’, are an important part of astrology yet are mostly underutilized by modern astrologers. They are used to make predictions in horary astrology and are also used in natal astrology. The Part of Fortune is the most important Part and brings together the 3 most important points in the horoscope: ascendant Sun and Moon to reveal one’s fortune. For those wishing to learn astrology a knowledge of the Parts is an essential component in your toolkit of techniques.

Workshop with Peter Burns

When: Saturday 25th June 2-5 pm

The parts for marriage, fortune, spirit and vocation. How to use the parts. Where is your fortune? What about relationships? Understanding the logic of the parts. Transits to the parts.

Where: Elwood & St Kilda Neighbourhood Learning Centre,  87 Tennyson St Elwood.

Cost: $20.Bookings: There is no need to book – just turn up.

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