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The Economic Crisis and the Coming Revolution

According to astrology there are a number of overlapping themes, each associated with crisis, coming together between 2009 and 2015. The first and most significant in terms of underlying discontent is the entry of Pluto into Capricorn; the sign associated with the economy business and established order at the end of 2007 and 2008. Pluto enters this zodiac sign every 250 years approximately. Pluto is often referred to as ‘the planet of death, transformation and rebirth’, and is generally associated with some form of crisis. The timing of Pluto’s entry into Capricorn coincided with the beginning of the present economic crisis, which was predicted and published on this web site in November 2007.
A separate theme identified through astrological analysis is the overturning of established structures and outmoded methods. The planetary signature for this is Saturn opposite Uranus, which became exact on the day of the US presidential election. The opposition of these 2 great planets takes place 5 times between 2009 and 2012. This meeting of planets represents tension between the old and new, conservatism and new ideas, age and youth. It suggests that this period is likely to be unstable and chaotic, with a strong revolutionary flavour plus the opportunity for reform.
USA Chart web
In mid-late 2010 these planets link up with Pluto in a very stressful combination. These planets were last together during the great depression. Although the socio-political context is different in this case, as are zodiac sign placements of the planets concerned. In the present case however, there is an explosive energy represented by the unique combination of planets. Powerful forces are likely to emerge demanding justice and equity, challenging established governments and those who hold power. World tension is likely to escalate.
Broadly speaking it looks like the economic crisis deepens significantly, and triggers great unrest which poses a serious challenge to the status quo. What began as an economic crisis is likely to erupt into a bigger crisis unless the inequities fueling underlying discontent are faced and dealt with during 2009. It is in May, June, and December 2009 that the opportunity for peace and reconciliation exists. If these opportunities are missed then the consequences might be very serious.
There are 4 important stages to the present crisis:
1. Dec 2007 & Dec 2008: Pluto moves into Capricorn: The economic crisis begins, the established order begins to unravel.
2. Nov 2008 – Jul 2010: Saturn opposes Uranus: Instability, opportunity for reform, the old vs the new, age vs youth.
3. Nov 2009 – Aug 2010: Saturn square Pluto: Powerful forces meet ‘head-to-head’, attempt to impose authority, enormous tension.
4. June 2012 – March 2015: Uranus square Pluto: Reform and revolution, radical restructuring, destruction and rebuilding.
Between 2009 – 2012 the various planetary cycles interlock into a powerful dynamic pattern, indicating a major historical turning point.
The USA’s horoscope is mentioned here because the USA has such an important influence on world affairs. Historically economic trends in the United States have been reflected in Australia’s economy.
The graphic ephemeris above shows the transiting planets as they cross natal points in the USA horoscope. The coloured horizontal lines are the natal positions in the USA horoscope. The curving lines represent the planetary cycles as they move through time.
Important dates to note are when the line representing Pluto crosses the Venus and Jupiter lines in the USA horoscope. At these times the US is subject to powerful economic forces which threaten destruction. The USA faces an unprecedented crisis. Critical dates in 2009 are early March, May, August, mid-October and December. Critical dates in 2010 are February, March, August, mid-October and November. January 2011 also looks exceptionally difficult for the welfare of the US and its people. Powerful underworld criminal elements may emerge to challenge authority.
The crisis, perhaps one of the biggest in the history of the USA, threatens economic depression and social revolution. The planetary cycles also suggest that the administration struggles to survive in its present form.

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