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The Palmistry Textbook published

The Palmistry Textbook has now been published by Starcrafts.
THE PALMISTRY TEXTBOOKThis is a revolutionary work which provides the missing keys to this ancient art in a step-by-step illustrated guide.
Suddenly palmistry ‘makes sense’.

It is an excellent tool for personality interpretation and adds depth to astrological readings.
Everyone carries with them 2 map of their psyche, one on each hand.

The Palmistry Textbook  is available from many outlets including those below (click to activate link):

Starcrafts Publishing
Amazon Books
The Book Despository
New Leaf Distributing Company

Its cover price is $14.95 USD although prices may vary according to state and country, discounts and postage costs.

Below is the introductory promo from the world’s largest new age book distributor, New Leaf Distributing Company:

Here is a very clearly written, step-by-step guide to hand analysis—easy enough for a beginner, but also with an obvious depth of experience that will interest the advanced palmist. Any reader’s ability to learn will be greatly enhanced by the author’s 80 well-drawn graphics of hands and photographs of palms—each illustrating his text explanations. The book is organized into thirty lessons that begin with the requirements and ethics involved in becoming a palm reader, the historical context and the terminology, and then progress though each step in analyzing the shape, size, structure and type of hands, the fingers, thumb and nails, the mounts, zones, lines, genetic engravings and more, concluding with a final two lessons on how to put it all together—to synthesize your understanding. Throughout the text, the author emphasizes the profound psychological insights one can gain through hand analysis. At the close of each lesson are a few questions so that you can self-test what you’ve learned. Answers to the questions are given at the end of the book.

The author, Peter Burns, is a well-known palmist and astrologer from Victoria, Australia, is owner of the Ambrosia Academy of Astrology, through which he offers extensive correspondence courses in astrology and palmistry. He has offered many lectures and teaching seminars in Australia and the USA, and is speaking in several USA cities in late Autumn 2011.

ISBN: 1934976342  ISBN13: 9781934976340
Publisher: Starcrafts Publishing

To contact the author, Peter Burns, click here.

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