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The Water Bearer


Those new to astrology would be forgiven for thinking Aquarius is a water sign. After all Aquarius is symbolised by the water bearer!

However an important detail often not depicted in images of the water bearer is that the urn is held high, equal or above shoulder height, symbolising the use of reasoning and the mind. In ancient symbolism water represents the emotions, the desire nature; which is rarely reasonable.

Of course it’s not really water that is in the jug, it’s ambrosia, the elixir of life. But whether it is seen as water or ambrosia flowing out of the jug, it represents regeneration and renewal through irrigating nature and society through the waters of knowledge and science.

And lest we forget the rulership of Aquarius, the figure holding the urn is none other than Saturn himself, relegating and dispensing the life enhancing rivers of scientific knowledge.


On the subject of glyphs and symbols, Saturn is a he, not a she. Of course I appreciate that in the spirit of addressing and re-balancing the wrongs of gender inequalities there is an urge to represent authority figures in female form. But Saturn is nevertheless a man.

Warmth and moisture

As an air sign Aquarius is warm and moist. Often overlooked in the discussion of the elements is the primary qualities of which they are composed. These are explained in most Astrology101 courses. The warmth shows the outgoing energy of Aquarius and the moisture component shows its connective qualities. Warmth radiates outwards and moisture is the quality which links people together.


A very good way to appreciate the zodiac signs is to consider the primary qualities of their element and combine this with the mode of expression. The elements can be expressed in three ways: cardinal, fixed or mutable. Aquarius is fixed, like Leo (fire) Scorpio (water) and Taurus (earth).

The outgoing connective qualities of the air signs tied to the fixed mode of expression helps explain the Aquarian personality, ever eager and persistent to get ideas out there about how to have a better society. The fixed nature of Aquarius means that concepts are considered from every angle, including conservative and alternative perspectives.


When the ruling planet is added to this combination of primary qualities and mode of expression a deeper understanding of the sign is possible. Saturn makes perfect sense for Aquarius as the ruling planet as it is able to contain organise and direct these outgoing connective and persistent energies into projects which deliver positive outcomes for society.

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