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Translation of Light

Recently a student asked: What does Translation of light mean?
The explanation below is drawn from lesson 17 of my Horary Astrology Diploma Course.

A translation of light occurs when one planet conveys the influence of another planet to a third planet.

Translation of light is often used in horary astrology and although not often mentioned, also has applications in natal astrology.

Translation of LightAn example: Venus is at 5 Sagittarius, the Moon is at 4 Aries and Jupiter is at 10 Capricorn.

In this case the Moon first applies by trine to Venus (A), and then carries the light of Venus by square to Jupiter (B). In this case Jupiter is the recipient of the light of Venus which is carried to it by the Moon.

Translation of light is very effective in cases where there is no aspect between two planets, but they are brought together by a third, faster moving planet.
This is particularly useful in situations where a go-between can be of influence such as in marriage brokering or business negotiations. Whether the outcome of this translation of light will be beneficial or detrimental to the parties concerned will be shown by the dignities and dispositions of the planets involved.

Translation of light occurs when two slower moving planets are connected by a faster moving planet. The third planet must be faster moving.
Translation can take place by any aspect including conjunction, and be frustrated or prevented.

In order to be effective the aspects involved in the translation must perfect.


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