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War Revolution and Escape

The astrological line-up of planets in Aries over the next week suggests fast moving and volatile developments. The potential for war and strife is very high.

1. Mars moves from Pisces into Aries

Some consider Pisces to be the sign of peace and idealism. Over the last month there has been idealism but peace has been in short supply.

Some traditional astrologers consider that the water signs represent tempestuous emotions and desires. Pisces is a cold and moist sign that is ruled by temperate Jupiter. However Jupiter is placed in the very hot and active sign of Aries.

When Mars ingresses into Aries it is in the sign of its rulership. No longer is it constrained by Piscean sensitivities. It is now ready to unsheathe the sword and charge into battle. The nature of Mars is to fight for what is right, to do battle and cut away what is not wanted. It has a long association with war and strife, violence and aggression.

2. The new Moon in Aries on April 3 heralds new beginnings

With 6 planets in Aries these new beginnings will be seen as worth fighting for. Out of the 7 traditional planets, only one: Saturn, is not in Aries.

From the earth’s perspective Saturn is retrograde, a term which refers to its apparent backward motion, a condition which represents a certain incompetence in its role as a mediator and diplomat in the sign of Libra. Saturn in Libra is in the sign of its exaltation which would otherwise suggest very good judgement and capacity to balance opposing options and keep the peace. However Saturn is heavily outnumbered by the 6 planets in the opposite sign of Aries and its apparent backward motion counteracts its exalted capacity.

The unfortunate result with such a high concentration of planets in Aries is more likely to be war, strife and upheaval than peace and tranquility.

One way to understand the planets is to personify them – describe them as people. Planets in the sign of Aries are known for their desire for independence, wilfulness, spontaneous expression of anger, and willingness to take assertive action. Assertiveness is the flip side of aggressiveness.

The Sun represents power and in Aries radiates this assertive/aggressive energy. The Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus are the support act, all led and dominated by fiery Mars.

3. On April 4 Mars conjoins with Uranus.

Mars is the planet of war and aggression and Uranus is the planet of revolution and volatility. This is an explosive combination, which may find expression in the Arab world where the demands for reform have become loud and strident, but also in other parts of the world where people are seeking expression for reform and change. Uranus is famous for unexpected surprises, and in combination with Mars this can translate as surprise attacks. Unfortunately Uranus also has an association with radicalism and terror, which was evident during the French revolution.

4. Also on April 4 the Sun opposes Saturn

The outgoing and assertive energies of the Sun in Aries meet a diplomatic obstacle. Saturn represents boundaries and restrictions and in the sign of Libra these are shaped by diplomatic requirements. An opposition in astrology always represents opposing forces in real life.

5. On April 5 Neptune enters Pisces

In strong contrast to the above developments Neptune ingresses into the sign of Pisces on April 5. Neptune is associated with formlessness, oil, water, gas, and states of matter which are relatively intangible. In the negative it is associated with deception, undermining, glamour, escapism, subversion, and secret plots. In the positive it is associated with idealism, spirituality, high ideals, and states of floating consciousness.

In the sign of Pisces these attributes are exaggerated. Some modern astrologers associate Neptune with Pisces although its traditional ruler is Jupiter.

6. On April 6 the Sun conjoins Jupiter

Jupiter is the planet of adventurism and expansion, of breaking free. In Aries these planets are associated with conquests, breakouts, liberty and freedom.

Your horoscope

If you have planets in any of the cardinal signs, which are Aries Capricorn Libra and Cancer, then you may feel the need for change and the need to be assertive. How this will find expression in your life will depend how the planets are arranged in your horoscope. If you need assistance interpreting how these energies are likely to be expressed please contact me.

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