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Which celestial body = being awake?

This interpretation of wakefulness is based on the principle ‘as above so below’, the principle on which astrology is based.

SunWe see the Sun every day unless it is cloudy, it is visible during our natural waking hours, it is constant, ever present and supports our life. All this is obvious – WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). I suspect that our modern detachment from the natural environment has led us to forget the basic principles of astrology. Perhaps the most basic principle is ‘as above so below’.

Some would say Mercury or the Moon = wakefulness. The Moon is associated with images of the mind, imagination, absorbing sensations from the body’s 5 senses (in palmistry and in Vedic Astrology the Moon is associated with the imagination). Mercury’s function is to collate and file these images, and organise them for communication. Mercury acts like a secretary filing the images from the 5 senses.
Mercury operates while we are awake. The power behind this wakefulness is the Sun.
The Sun is the ultimate symbol of presence, of being alive, awake and in the moment. Its everlasting rays represent consciousness itself and it supports our wakeful life in every moment. It is associated with the essence of all aspects of life. There is no cosmic body which represents a higher state of awakening than the Sun.
Uranus does appear to stimulate mental activity, can be spasmodic in its action, and also associated with bizarre ideas etc. Its light, which is not visible to the naked eye, is the reflected light of the Sun, the body associated with being totally awake and alive.
However it is the Sun which represents wakefulness, being alive and present in the moment. It is the source of all light in our universe.
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