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Essential dignities: Will I profit if I invest in XYZ shares?

Horary astrology is such an extraordinary tool. One of its chief advantages is that it can be employed to answer almost an question. Major DignitiesPractical questions, especially those concerning money, can be readily answered using horary astrology. To answer such a question from the natal horoscope can require a considerable investment time delving deep into the many layers of meaning.

Horary astrology is simple, clear and very efficient. Concise answers can be derived using only the time and place for when the astrologer received and understood the question.

Consider for example the question: “Will I turn a profit if I invest in XYZ shares?” The horoscope is shown below.

Notice that I have only shown one planet: Venus. Horary astrology is minimalistic astrology: more meaning is derived from less symbolism. The chart has only one focus: the question that is asked. Nothing else is relevant.

In this particular case the question concerns making money. The person who asks the question is called ‘the querent’, and is represented by the 1st house. The 2nd house represents the querent’s resources, which include the querent’s money and all removable possessions, including shares.

Invest XYZ horoscopeBy the way there is a modern notion that shares are represented by the 8th house. This is incorrect: the 8th house has to do with death, lossand the partner’s money. The querent’s shares belong to the querent and no-one else, and as such are represented by the 2nd house.

Essentially the question is: Will my money increase if I engage in the proposed action, which in this case is investing in XYZ shares.

To find the answer we look at the ruler of the 2nd house cusp, which is Libra.

In horary astrology questions concerning investments and their profitability can be answered according to the condition of the ruler of the 2nd house cusp (Lord 2) and what happens next the this planet.

The important question is “Does Lord 2’s condition improve or diminish in quality?

The answer to this question will tell us whether the querent makes a profit on the investment in BHP shares.

The horoscope is shown to the above. In this case Lord 2 is Venus is at 29° Aries.

Essential Dignities Aries TaurusWhen we consult the table of essential dignities we see that Venus is in the sign of its detriment. When Venus is in the sign of its detriment it is very weak.

However we also see that Venus is at the last degree of the sign of Aries (each zodiac sign contains only 30°), and about to move into the sign of Taurus. The table of essential dignities shows that Venus in Taurus is in the sign of its rulership, where it is powerful and has ‘essential dignity’.

So the planet which represents the querent’s money is about to improve its condition. This corresponds to an improvement in the querent’s financial situation if the investment in XYZ shares goes ahead.

So the answer is: “Yes, if you invest in BHP shares you are likely to make a profit.”

Notice that we have used only one planet. The judgement of this question relies upon one single factor: what happens to Lord 2. Nothing else is important.

This is but one example of the beauty of horary astrology. It is simple, clean, efficient and accurate. Concise anscwers can be obtained from minimal time investment and analysis.

In former times astrologers were first trained in horary astrology, long before they encountered the complexities of natal astrology. Later their skills were transposed onto natal astrology with further embellishments.

In modern times the astrologer is awash in a sea of confusing information. My suggestion is to learn the basics of horary astrology first, then apply this knowledge to natal astrology. Then your astrology will be transformed and you will view the natal horoscope with a new clarity.

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