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2012 - the End of the World? - Ambrosia Academy of Astrology & Palmistry
2 January 2012 0 Comments

2012 – the End of the World?

There are numerous sites on the internet devoted to the so-called Mayan prophesy that the world will end later this year. Various dates are offered.

Is this sensationalist nonsense or is it grounded in good astrology?

There are no known astrological cycles from Western astrology, ancient or modern, that are associated with end of the world scenarios in 2012.

Will 2012 be a challenging year? Almost certainly. Western astrology have been saying that for years and it is now amply apparent if one follows the news media.

Without getting deeply into the technical aspects of Mayan astrology it is sufficient to observe that what has been forecast is the end of a long cycle, the so-called ‘long count’. These are also challenges with the interpretation of the Mayan symbolic alphabet. To fully understand the Mayan prophesy it is essential to view it the perspective of the Mayan culture, which is something that few people have been able to do. Some notable Mayan scholars question the interpretation the interpretations surrounding the ‘long count’.

In my palmistry work I have now read the hands of over 15,000 people and it is clear that the majority of these people will live well beyond 2012.

It is true that 2012 has been called ‘the year of revolution’ by some notable astrologers such as Ed Tamplin and we might expects tumultuous events to unfold on the world stage. Death and destruction are possible but not on a scale that resembles the end of the world.

Millennium prophesies that include mass destruction have come and gone in times past.

Perhaps the more important issue is to ask what motivates people to make such predictions. Could there be a sense of personal validation for pain and suffering or social marginalisation in times past?

And to be kind perhaps such motives are generally unconscious. Perhaps the majority of those supporting prophesies of world destruction are sincere and well meaning. And perhaps a minority are motivated by financial opportunism.

I encourage anyone who wishes to study astrology to steer clear of sensationalism and to study of meanings of the 7 traditional planets first before considering the outer planets.

In looking ahead to 2012 I prefer to study mundane astrology which includes the study of eclipses, national states, international organisations, the natal horoscopes of people in positions of power, the transit of Venus across the Sun, planetary aspects between the planets of space and time: Jupiter and Saturn, outer planet cycles such as the Uranus – Pluto square in June 2012, and most importantly, the ingress of the fixed star Regulus into Virgo.2012 – the End of the World ?

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