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2017 January Modes Ephemeris

The modes reflect the energy of the seasons: Cardinal is similar to Spring and shows the initial impetus or movement; fixed reflects the unchanging intensity of summer; and mutable reflects the ebb and flow in the change of seasons.

Below is a listing of the planets according to the modes: cardinal which is sometimes called moveable, fixed, and mutable.

Mutable is sometimes called ‘common’ because the energy shifts back and forth between the fixed and cardinal signs and has something in common with each.  The mutable signs (Sagittarius Pisces Gemini and Virgo) are also called ‘double-bodied signs’ because they contain 2 bodies or parts.

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January 2017 Modes Ephemeris

Essential dignities January 2017

Elements January 2017

Antiscia January 2017

Fixed stars January 2017

Graphic Ephemeris showing transits, lunations and lunar phases for Jan 2017

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