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Lunar Eclipse August 7 2017

With so much talk of eclipses it is worthwhile pausing for a moment to consider the nature of a lunar eclipse. During a solar eclipse the Sun‘s light is obscured by the Moon which passes between the earth and the Sun. In a lunar eclipse it is the earth which passes between the Sun and the Moon, preventing the Sun’s light from shining on the Moon.

The Sun and its light since ancient time have represented logos, the divine light of reason, truth and clarity. The Moon represents our emotional responses, our reactive nature.

The glyph representing the earth shows the circle of spirit containing the cross of matter. The vertical pole of this cross represents the solstice axis through the soul descends to earth and, after experiencing the world of desire and materialism, ascends back to its home. The horizontal pole represents the necessity for physical survival, for engaging in the day-to-day struggle for existence and mastery over our desires.

The intersection of the two poles shows the struggle to come to terms with the opposing objectives of reaching for the highest principles while surviving life’s challenges. This is the cross of matter, the burden of living completely in this material world while at the same time wanting to return home. During a lunar eclipse these difficult dilemmas find expression as the earth interposes itself between the Sun’s light of truth, and the Moon’s reflection of this light to earth. In the rush to resolve difficult issues of the world protagonists are blind to higher truths, as represented by the lights.

Lunar Eclipse August 7 2017Focusing for the moment of the US, we see tonight’s lunar eclipse (August 7 2017) has 29.57 Leo on the Midheaven in Washington DC, which is within a degree of the August 21 2017 solar eclipse in 2 weeks. This solar eclipse is visible across continental US.

This partial lunar eclipse is hidden from view for those living in the Americas, and is visible mainly in Asia, and also Australia and the eastern seaboard of Africa. Its connection with political events in the US is suggested by the degree of the Midheaven being coincident with the following solar eclipse.

Given that there are a number of political hot spots in Asia, notably the Korean missile crisis, the contention over islands in the South China sea, and the insurgency in the Philippines, it seems likely that developments there may have a flow-on effect in US politics.

Lunar Eclipse August 7 2017 VisibilityA different interpretation might be that this lunar eclipse represents hidden forces (the eclipse is not visible in the Americas) pushing developments that have important repercussions for America. The Midheaven represents the government and it its leadership.

Peter Burns will explore the subject of the August 2017 eclipses in more detail at the Victorian Astrology Association (VAA) meeting on Saturday August 19.

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