Below are some frequently asked questions people put to me. If you have any additional questions, please send me an email, and I will reply as soon as possible.

Can you prove astrology?

Well its probably not the right question. Trying to prove astrology by the scientific method is like trying to measure air pressure with a 12 inch ruler – it is not an appropriate tool. Modern science is concerned with physical measurement and mechanistic, sequential and linear thinking. Astrology is a spiritual study and is concerned with how life on earth functions from an esoteric point of view. Astrology is much bigger and broader than science, and science is incapable of providing any meaningful measurement of astrology.

Yes it is possible to calculate the number of people with one of the luminaries (the Sun or Moon) or the number of planets in a particular group or category of people. And perhaps certain trends will emerge from such a study. But this proves little.

Those who ask the question of whether astrology can be proved demonstrate a profound lack of understanding of astrology. The other point is that astrology deals with the dimension of time – astrology studies the landscape of time – its hills and valleys, vortexes and power points. Modern science tends to see time as linear and sequential, like a line on a blank page, where any two moments of time are identical. This scientific view of time is seen as appallingly ignorant by astrologers. Astrologers see each moment of time as having its own meaning, and are able to measure and assess this meaning. This question of proof is often asked by those who think science is of a higher order than astrology, and that scientific proof is the final arbiter of whether something has validity. In the context of this age where materialism is the dominant paradigm, it is understandable that this question is often asked. In this age everything has been reduced to materialism. Science is the new religion. However science belongs to a sub-category of astrology, as astrology incorporates all sciences as well as the fourth dimension of time, and also deals with the spiritual dimension.

A more intelligent question would be: Can you disprove astrology? No, not if you are honest. No honest person could deny the truths revealed by their accurately timed horoscope. You will find that the truths revealed by your horoscope are quite awesome (in the true sense of the word). And an accurate birth time is required in order to construct an accurate horoscope. Without an accurate time of birth many of the basics are lost.

However you cannot prove or disprove astrology if you harbour a prejudice against it. To be prejudiced means you have pre-judged. There is no honesty in pre-judgement if you are seeking to find the truth.

Will astrology work if I don’t believe in it – in other words will you be able to interpret my horoscope if I don’t believe in astrology?

Yes astrology will ‘work’ whether or not you believe in it. Your belief systems have no bearing on the truth, and astrology reveals the truth.   The more important question is whether or not you will really be able to listen to your interpretation if you do not believe in astrology? If not believing means you are prejudiced against astrology then your inbuilt defences will filter out the truth as revealed by the horoscope.

However the fact that you would ask an astrologer a question suggests that you do in fact consider astrology to have some validity, otherwise you would not bother with the question at all. It is common for people to ask this question who are a little scared of what their horoscope might reveal, and are ready to use their non-belief as a way out in case they don’t like what they hear.

Do you (the astrologer) really believe in astrology?

This question only makes sense if you think astrology is some form of religion. It is not a religion, merely a way of describing life and how it is structured.

My question to you is: Do you believe in the chair you are sitting on?  Of course this question doesn’t make sense. You use the chair because it provides a function which satisfies your need to rest you legs. But I doubt that you worship the chair! In the same way your question about whether I believe in astrology does not make sense. I use astrology because it works, by which I mean it is an amazing tool for understanding the complex nature of human beings, and for understanding the complex interplay of natural cycles as they operate on an individual and a collective level. I certainly do not use astrology as a religion or worship it or use it as the total answer to eternal salvation.

Is astrology a religion?

Definitely not. As mentioned above, is an amazing tool for understanding the complex nature of human beings, and for understanding the complex interplay of natural cycles as they operate on an individual and a collective level. However it is only a tool – a tool which describes the underlying nature of reality. Astrology can be used by atheists, Christians, Hindus, Moslems, Buddhists, and those which do not believe in anything, one way or the other. Some see astrology as ‘revealed truth’. But is does not offer a prescriptive answer to eternal salvation. It does not say which prophet or messiah to believe in. It does not offer prayers or codes of action which would lead you to God. It is simply a tool, albeit an extraordinary tool.

Why do astrologers use the birth horoscope and not the conception horoscope?

The horoscope is a ‘cosmic snapshot’ of the birth of the individual person. While still in the mother’s womb the baby is very much part of the mother’s body. The important moment is when this connection is completely severed in a physical sense. At this moment the baby is completely independent of the mother’s body. The horoscope is drawn up for the moment the cord is cut and the baby draws its first breath.

It is true that there are some astrologers who do horoscopes for the moment of conception. However this moment does not reflect the independent existence of the human being in its own right. There is still a process to undergo before the infant has a life of its own. This is not to deny that such conception horoscopes have meaning, or that human life is present from the moment of conception.

Should the zodiacal signs be flipped for the southern hemisphere?

Some argue that if the zodiac signs are based on the seasons of the northern hemisphere as claimed by Ptolemy, then they should be reversed for people living in the southern hemisphere. However astrologers living in the southern hemisphere have have now examined many thousands of horoscopes and conclude that horoscopes should never be reversed. Someone born on the 1st of April in the southern hemisphere is an Aries sun-sign, and behaves like one. They do not behave or have the attributes of a Libran, which would be the case if the horoscope was reversed. Likewise Librans do not show Arian qualities at all (unless of course they have other planets or points in Aries). Each of the other 10 sun-signs shows the traditional characteristics of their sign. On this there can be no confusion. It is very clear.

This is reality as confirmed by hundreds of Australian and New Zealand astrologers studying the horoscopes of thousands of clients. Using the opposite sign to describe a person’s characteristics would be a mistake and would not provide an accurate description.

The theory that the signs should be reversed because they are associated with the seasons sounds logical. However reality most clearly shows that it does not work. When reality shows that a theory does not work then the theory must be revised.

This does not mean that the tropical zodiac is not related to the seasons. Nor does it invalidate astrology. However it does mean that the reasoning given for reversing the signs in the southern hemisphere is somehow incorrect.

Certainly it seems extraordinary that the seasonal relevance to tropical astrology which applies so well in the northern hemisphere should also work in the southern hemisphere, where the seasons are opposite those of the north.

Clearly there must be a greater truth concerning the reason why the zodiac applies equally well to both hemispheres of the earth. This greater truth we are as yet unable to comprehend.

I do think that when we are considering the meaning offered by the majesty of the heavens, some humility is helpful.

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