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2010 Ingress for Australia

The Aries ingress of the Sun represents the astrological New Year and has been traditionally used to provide an indicator of the year ahead. On March 21st the Sun enters Aries marking the beginning of Spring in the northern hemisphere and Autumn in the southern hemisphere. The Sun is used to represent the New Year because it is the source of light and life in our solar system. To show how this New Year is the uniquely expressed in Australia the ingress horoscope is set for our capital Canberra.
Because this chart represents the ingress of the Sun into Aries we first turn our attention to the Sun, its location within the horoscope, and the aspects it makes to the other planets.
2010 Ingress for Australia

Finance for healthcare?
The Sun’s second house placement suggests that in 2010 financial security is a primary concern. The Sun applies by trine to Mars in Leo, which has only recently stationed direct and is still moving slowly. Mars as the tenth house ruler represents the Rudd government, and its placement in the sixth house highlights health care issues.
The Sun’s trine to Mars shows economic initiatives applied to healthcare. Mars is said to have ‘its joy’ in the sixth house because its ability to cut away what does not function, and this may be reflected in the elimination of duplicated services and cost-cutting measures.
The Ascendant of this ingress horoscope represents the country and its people. In traditional terms Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, which is retrograding and about to exit the sign of its exaltation in Libra. Those who believe in the continued exalted state of the country might be in for some disappointment. However Saturn does return to its exalted state in late July.

The people must be heard
Those astrologers who use Uranus as the ruler of Aquarius will recognise its placement in the second house of finances as the need for change and reform of the financial sector. Uranus usually packs a surprise, and the sextile it receives from the Moon reflects popular support for reform. While this sextile aspect is benign the Moon is sitting on the fixed star Algol which carries a powerful punch. The government will ignore the people at its peril!

Trouble for Rudd’s government
Returning to the Sun, we see that it next aspects Saturn by opposition. Planetary oppositions across the financial houses suggest opposing demands and limitations on supply. Government initiatives in the healthcare sector may meet strong opposition.
The Sun’s subsequent square with Pluto, the planet of covert power and transformation, links with Saturn in a T-square, which is a very stressful alignment of planets, suggesting political machinations behind the scenes. This T-square is a precursor to the spectacular t-square alignment in August 2010 described by Nick Owens in the Capricorn ingress article on the C.I.A. web site.
Hidden power plays within the opposition
Venus as ruler of the fourth house, the house opposite the tenth house of government, represents the opposition, and is debilitated in Aries. The opposition party is not in good shape. Venus is also in shadow (antiscia) opposition to Jupiter, which is moving fast and powerfully placed in Pisces. With Venus and Jupiter in beneficial mutual reception hidden power plays may produce a beneficial outcome for the opposition. The Moon, which represents the people, is in Taurus and is in the sign where Venus, which represents the opposition, is dignified. But can the opposition win an election?

Neptune’s fury
Of major interest in this dynamic horoscope is the location of Neptune within a degree of the Ascendant, squared by the Moon which is aligned within a degree of the IC, conjoining Algol. The important of this square between Neptune and the Moon is amplified as it on the power points represented by the angles.
Neptune suggests inspiration and high ideals in the positive, and deception and confusion in the negative. It has been associated with floods and nature’s fury. I can highly recommend the DVD Neptune’s Return, produced by Nick Owns and Julija Simas of the C.I.A., which was reviewed on page 45 of this March 2010 FAA Journal. In this DVD Neptune’s historic link with Poseidon as representative of nature’s fury is vividly portrayed. Let us hope that Neptune’s placement on the Ascendant is benign.

Algol and the Moon
The exalted and angular Moon in Taurus shows the people’s power, and a conservative mood and a concern with security. The fourth house association with land and mineral wealth points to our resources. The Moon’s conjunction with the fixed star Algol, which has a reputation for disaster, and its square with watery Neptune is most inauspicious.

Clash of the planetary giants: revolutionary change
In late April we have the 4th Saturn-Uranus opposition, the clash of the planetary giants symbolising the opposing interests of the conservative forces and those seeking reform and change. On the day of the first Saturn-Uranus opposition Obama was elected as president of the United States. Uranus wants to smash the crystalline and outmoded structures represented by Saturn and bring about revolutionary change.
This global phenomenon of revolutionary change links the second house of finances to the eighth house of debt in Australia’s ingress horoscope.
The 5th and final opposition between these planetary giants occurs in the first degree of the cardinal signs, shifting the ground in preparation for the spectacular T-square in August. Again the spotlight is upon the financial houses in Australia’s 2010 ingress horoscope.

Jupiter-Saturn roller coaster
Following on the heels of the 4th Saturn-Uranus opposition in April we have the first Jupiter-Saturn opposition in May. This opposition exacerbates the tensions between poverty and plenty, abundance and scarcity, expansion and contraction. We are reaching the halfway point in the last of the Great Conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn in the earth signs. The 20 year cycles of these planets are often associated with economic cycles, with the opposition phase signalling a downturn. The second opposition occurs in August and the last in March next year.

Rudd’s challenges
From April until July Jupiter Saturn will be conjoin and oppose Rudd’s Sun/Mars conjunction, providing a roller-coaster ride. Fortunately his natal Jupiter-Saturn sextile is in mutual reception, suggesting that he will find a way out of difficult situations.
And in late April his Sun/Mars conjunction receives a direct hit from the fourth Saturn-Uranus opposition. Again he may be assisted by a fortunate natal configuration, this time between Saturn and Uranus.

Pluto and Saturn
On April 7 Pluto stations retrograde in early Capricorn. Pluto is the ancient god of wealth and the planet was discovered during the 1929 crash. To gain some perspective we look to its dispositor, Saturn. The following day Saturn exits the sign of its exaltation and retrogrades into Virgo where it stays until July 22. In Virgo Saturn represents ‘the devil in the detail’. Again the emphasis is upon economic challenges. The transiting square between these 2 planets is like an economic pressure cooker seeking release.

Other Astrological events 2010 – 2011
Aside from the above mentioned oppositions between Jupiter/Saturn and Saturn/Neptune and the August T-square between Saturn Uranus and Pluto, we also have the entry of Uranus and Jupiter into Aries and their conjunction on June 9. Jupiter and Uranus conjoining in Aries is an explosive combination, promising bold initiatives and adventures, and a potential for violent revolution.
The lunar eclipse at the end of June conjoins Pluto and links up with the volatile conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus. The eclipse occurs across the financial houses in the 2010 ingress chart, bringing hidden issues to the surface for change, reform and transformation. This eclipse exactly conjoins the IC of the 1901 Australian Federation chart suggesting changes to the way we feel about ourselves as a country.
The solar eclipse in early July casts its shadow antiscia opposition to Venus, the Ascendant ruler of the Australian Federation chart. With Pluto conjoining the IC of this horoscope it appears that Australia faces some important changes in the year ahead.
The eclipses of December 2010 and January 2011 resonate strongly with Australia’s federation horoscope. Jupiter and Uranus cross in and out of Pisces/Aries over the next 12 months and both Jupiter and Saturn both square Pluto during this period.
Happy New Year!

If you have any questions please feel welcome to contact me.

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