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A brief history of horary astrology - Ambrosia Academy of Astrology & Palmistry
19 October 2016 1 Comment

A brief history of horary astrology

Horary astrology is thought to have begun early in the second millennium. Some say it began long before that. Any brief history of horary astrology would have to include its most well-known practitioner of the Art, William Lilly,(1602-81) who is considered by many to be the last great master of the Art. Among his other works is his masterpiece: Christian Astrology, often referred to by the initials CA.

In the modern age astrology awoke out of its coma after the First World War and has gained in popularity ever since. To some extent this awakening was in reaction to the increasing materialism and mechanistic thinking which were rapidly overtaking most aspects of western culture after the Great War. However, a much fuller study is required to understand the reasons for this awaking.

Before astrology fell into its slumber somewhere in the 1700’s religion was the over-riding influence and the lens through which all life was viewed. The world was governed by ‘Divine Providence’ and the condition of one’s soul was of the highest concern. Most people lived in a rural setting in close connection to the rhythms of nature and regarded astrology as revealed truth.

Some centuries later astrology awoke to a world where the scientific empirical method dominated thinking, and the world was assumed to be evolving and in a state of progress. Belief now hinged on statistical proof. The veracity of this new perspective was validated in the extraordinary achievements in the physical and materialistic realm of technology. Industrial developments had reshaped the cultural landscape and people were flocking to towns and cities. The authority of priests was usurped by doctors, scientists and later by psychologists. The individual now had rights and was not answerable to a higher moral authority.

The seeds of modern astrology were planted in the world of materialism, mechanisation, scientific proof, the rights of the individual and the urban landscape. This new world is so remarkably different from the cultural milieu in our astrological predecessors practised that it is difficult for the modern mind to fully comprehend the mind-set of our forebears.

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