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Economic Meltdown

In June this year I travelled with my partner Alison Feiner to a financial astrology conference in Copenhagen. This was a fascinating event. Business, money and finances were all discussed from the perspective of astrology.
We were reminded by Tim Bost of the coming ‘Cardinal Crisis’ which extends from 2008/9 to 2012 approximately, involving the planets Pluto Saturn and Uranus in a T-Square in the early degrees of the cardinal signs. These same planets transited the cardinal signs during the last depression in the 1930’s. Pluto will soon re-enter the business oriented sign of Capricorn.
Pluto is associated with death, purging, renewal and rebirth, and we are likely to witness this process unfold in the business and financial world. Pluto also has a particular association with conglomerates and mergers.
Jupiter is also passing through Capricorn, but in this sign is unable to fulfil its promise of success, and will instead exaggerate systemic weaknesses. This planet, which is normally associated with positivity, is in a depressive mood. Consequently there is little support for any optimism in the markets.
The horoscopes for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, provide fascinating insights for those who can read astrological symbolism. These institutions are destined to go through a very serious crisis in 2008/2009. The horoscope for the US Federal Reserve suggests that the very survival of ‘the Fed’ is at stake.
A glance at the ‘Sibly’ horoscope for the USA shows that transiting Pluto will oppose Venus, ruler of the MC, and square the MC/IC axis. This is a most serous event for the US. The MC in the horoscope is at the apex, and is regarded as once of the 4 ‘power points’. Pluto will also oppose Venus in the NASDAQ chart. Together these astrological indicators suggest a very serious financial crisis for the US, and consequently for the world economy.
My advice to anyone who wants to listen is that this is a very opportune time to pay off debts and credit cards and ‘cash-up’. Thrift and simplicity now have a high value. In my own life we have sold the house and I have sold my business. I have resigned from my committee positions and am moving to the seaside to live a more simple life.
This ‘Cardinal Crisis’ is likely to present opportunities for those who can offer renewable power, products that are ‘green’ and environmentally sustainable, and those at the forefront of promoting a sustainable urban or rural lifestyle that reduces that burden on the earth, while also reducing costs to the consumer. Perhaps we will witness the birth of a new economic order, which could present extraordinary opportunites for many people.
The cosmic art that is astrology offers a unique perspective on life at all levels of existence to those who study the deeper meaning of the moving and fixed stars.

If you have any questions please feel welcome to contact me.

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