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How to Find Significators

Astrological SignificatorsThis lesson from the the Horary Astrology Correspondence Course, describes how to identify the correct astrological significator.
A significator is the planet which represents the subject of an astrological question or inquiry.
The houses of the horoscope describe every aspect of human existence and they are ruled by  astrological significators.
In horary astrology and most matters in natal astrology identifying the significator and assessing its condition is of utmost importance.

All successful astrological interpretation is based upon the ability to correctly identity the significator of the subject of inquiry.

To correctly identify the significator is is essential to have a thorough understanding of the correct meaning of the houses of the horoscope. It is from this basis that all successful interpretation is based.

As with each of the other lessons there are assignment questions included at the end to test your understanding. If you email your answers to Peter Burns he will send a commentary free of charge.

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