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Finding Happiness

Jane is concerned about her relationship and asks if she will be happy if she breaks up with her boyfriend, Tarzan.
Now happiness is can be a very transient state at the best of times, because even when one desire is sated there emerges another desire which screams for satisfaction. Perhaps, as the Buddhists suggest, we can only ever be truly happy when we stop wanting and desiring.
While there are various astrological indicators that suggest whether a person may be happy or content, one of the strongest indicators in horary astrology is dignity.
At a basic level, to establish whether the client will be happy with a change that is proposed for the future, we consider the condition of their significator at the time the question was asked, and compare this to its condition as it moves through the zodiac in the short term future.
In this example let us say that Jane’s significator is Mercury in the last degrees of Aquarius and it is about to ingress into Pisces. In the sign of Aquarius Mercury is not in any of the major dignities. Here at this basic level we are only considering the major dignities: dignity, exaltation, detriment and fall. When a planet has no dignity it indicates that the person it represents is not particularly happy.
However when Mercury moves into Pisces it is in its detriment and fall, showing that Jane will be most unhappy and will probably seriously regret breaking up with Tarzan.
Let’s look at a different example: Jane’s significator is Mars in Libra about to ingress into Scorpio. In the sign of Libra Mars is in its detriment indicating that Jane is not happy. In the zodiac sign of Scorpio Mars is in its dignity indicating that Jane will be very glad that she broke up with Tarzan.
While this method of using the major dignities to describe happiness is simplistic, it is an excellent way to show the value of the major dignities and how they can be used to evaluate situations in the horary chart.
In reality the horary astrologer would also consider the other dignities, such as triplicity, term, and face, and also consider the various accidental dignities, fixed stars, antiscia and planetary aspects for a full evaluation.
In the Horary Astrology Diploma online correspondence course I go through each of these factors, step-by-step, building on each in a cumulative manner, so that answers to questions posed by clients can be answered clearly and accurately.

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