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Gillard faces the challenge - Ambrosia Academy of Astrology & Palmistry
24 February 2012 18 Comments

Gillard faces the challenge

Julia Gillard was born in Barry Wales on September 29 1961 but her birth time has not been confirmed by a birth certificate.

Julia Gillard 's horoscopeCurrently her natal Mars is being conjoined by transiting Saturn. This combination is usually associated with frustration, blocked energy, and major life lessons. Since Saturn has been within the vicinity of Mars (most of 2011) Gillard has been going through a difficult period.

However Saturn and Mars are in mutual reception in Gillard’s horoscope which means that they are favourably disposed towards each other. So although the situation is very difficult for Gillard this Saturn-Mars aspect is not quite as bad as it appears.

In both Rudd and Gillard’s horoscopes progressed Venus is significant at the moment. In Gillard’s horoscope progressed Venus is about to conjoin natal Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions. Although these two planets are aligned in her natal chart progressed aspects from Venus to Neptune nevertheless amplify deception and illusion regarding allies.

Although Pluto, the planet associated with hidden scenarios has been aspecting her natal Venus over the last year, suggesting that the plotters have been out to get her for some time, her natal Venus is conjunct Pluto showing that she is also familiar with back room power plays.

The next major planetary transit for Gillard is Jupiter’s trine to Venus on March 1st 2012. Those who study astrology will recall that this is a transit commonly associated with popularity and success.

Without a confirmed birth time there is insufficient astrological evidence on which to make a definite call.

While we are missing some vital clues aspects from Uranus to Gillard’s Sun in the coming months suggest that an unstable time lies ahead of her, particularly in April and October 2012 and February 2013. Even is she wins Monday‘s showdown, Gillard may still find herself on a different path within 12 months.

Labor Leadership ballot February 27 2012The horoscope for the showdown with Rudd at 10 am Monday 27th February shows the planet of femininity, represented by the Moon, applying to a conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of luck and success. Although we can take nothing in isolation, this tiny of evidence suggests a win for Gillard.

Unfortunately without a confirmed time of birth it is impossible to reach a black and white conclusion.

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