Horary Astrology Practitioners Diploma

Horary is the ancient art of prediction and is the entry level for all aspiring astrologers.
It provides the foundation for all other astrology studies. Graduates of the Horary Astrology Diploma are able to answer questions on almost any subject, including work, money, relationships, love, romance, lost objects, family and real estate.

Horary Astrology is studied as a preliminary to electional astrology (Level 2), which is the branch of astrology devoted to the selection of the most favorable time to undertake an event or action. Electional astrology is studied as a preliminary to natal astrology (Level 3). The highest level of astrology is mundane astrology  (Level 4) which has to do with events associated with ‘the big picture’, such as political events, national and international developments and cultural trends.

For beginning students the Horary Astrology Practitioners Diploma provides an excellent introduction to other forms of astrology, such as natal astrology.

This course provides a thorough grounding in all the foundation principles and techniques which are used to answer questions on almost any subject including relationships and money.

For experienced astrologers the study of Horary Astrology provides an excellent introduction to the use of ‘first principles’ which remain unchanged after many centuries of use.  In this Diploma course each category of question, represented by each of the 12 houses, is covered.

The Diploma is awarded on successful completion of assignment questions.

Course delivery format: This is an email correspondence course. The lessons are sent by email or available as a download.
Tuition is provided with every lesson by your dedicated teacher and mentor Peter Burns.
Contact with Peter Burns is by phone, Skype and email.
Course Duration: This is a self paced course. However it must be completed within 2 years. Some students complete the course in 6 months.

Cost: Full payment: $2800


or 5 installments of $640 (the Buy Now button below covers 1 installment)


For further inquiries: email Peter Burns astropalmistrycourses@gmail.com
Payments can also be made via bank transfer (Australia only)


Part 1: Basic principles

1. Introduction to horary astrology
2. The requirements and how to get started
3. Cosmology (the traditional spiritual view of the cosmos)
4. The houses
5. The planets
6. The signs
7. Triplicities & Quadruplicities
8. Essential Dignities
9. Accidental Dignities
10. Receptions
11. Aspects
12. Antiscia
13. Fixed stars
14. Timing an outcome
15. Arabian Parts
16. Considerations before Judgement…to use or not to use?

Part 2: Specialist techniques for answering questions related to each of the 12 houses 

17. First house questions: What about me? My health. Stay or go?
18. Second house questions: My stuff: …..money, shares. Lost objects. Advisors
19. Third house questions: Rumours. Siblings. Routine journeys. Web sites.
20. Fourth house questions: Property: buying, selling, renting. Father. Family.
21. Fifth house questions: Children: conception, pregnancy, adoption. Creativity. Entertainment and pleasure.
22. Sixth house questions: Health problems: Am I sick? Prognosis. Injuries. Tradespeople and staff. Pets.
23. Seventh house questions: Marriage/relationships. Compatibility. Contests and opponents. Law suits.
24. Eighth house questions: Death. Will he pay me? Is he rich? Will I win the bet?
25. Ninth house questions: Travel. Dreams. Prophesies. Higher learning including astrology. Spirituality and religion. Learned or wise people.
26. Tenth house questions: The boss. The job. Vocation. Mother.
27. Eleventh house questions: Will my wish be granted. Winning the lottery. Will the job pay well. Will I get a big tax bill? Friends.
28. Twelfth house questions: Going to gaol. Spells. Informers. Secret enemies.
29. Dealing with clients and getting paid.
30. Appendix