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Horary Astrology Syllabus – online correspondence course

Below are the lessons in the online horary astrology correspondence course.
Peter Burns provides personal tutoring with every lesson – this is an interactive course where you are free to ask questions as often as you wish.
There is no time limit – you can take as long as you wish to finish the course.
All communication is done by email.

1. Introduction to horary astrology
2. The requirements and how to get started
3. Cosmology
4. The houses
5. The planets
6. The signs
7. Modes. Elements
8. Essential Dignities
9. Accidental Dignities
10. Receptions
11. Aspects
12. Antiscia
13. Fixed stars
14. Timing an outcome
16. Considerations before Judgement…to use or not to use?
17. First house questions: What about me? My health. Stay are go?
18. Second house questions: My stuff: …..money, shares. Lost objects. Advisors
19. Third house questions: Rumours. Siblings. Routine journeys. Web sites.
20. Fourth house questions: Property: buying, selling, renting. Father. Family.
21. Fifth house questions: Children: conception, pregnancy, adoption. Creativity. Entertainment and pleasure.
22. Sixth house questions: Health problems: Am I sick? Prognosis. Injuries. Tradespeople and staff. Pets.
23. Seventh house questions: Marriage/relationships. Compatibility. Contests and opponents. Law suits.
24. Eighth house questions: Death. Will he pay me? Is he rich? Will I win the bet?
25. Ninth house questions: Travel. Dreams. Prophesies. Higher learning including astrology. Spirituality and religion. Learned or wise people.
26. Tenth house questions: The boss. The job. Vocation. Mother.
27. Eleventh house questions: Will my wish be granted. Winning the lottery. Will the job pay well. Will I get a big tax bill? Friends.
28. Twelfth house questions: Going to gaol. Spells. Informers. Secret enemies.
29. Dealing with clients and getting paid.
30. Appendix

If you have any questions please feel welcome to contact me.

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