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Horary Astrology: The Void of Course Moon

The following is an example of a horary astrology reading regarding a property sale.
The basic method is described here for students.
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The question:

A client rang to ask whether her home would sell.

The planetary significators

Horary astrology: Will the house sell?The client is always represented in a horary chart by the 1st house ruler: Saturn in Libra.
The potential buyer is represented by the 7th house ruler: the Sun in Leo.
The house is represented by the 4th house ruler: Venus in Scorpio.
The price is represented by the 10th house ruler: Mars in Scorpio.

Does the potential buyer want to purchase the house?

The buyer is the Sun in Libra. Libra is ruled by Venus. Venus represents the house. Therefore the buyer loves the house.

Does the buyer like the seller? While this consideration is not vital to the question it is helpful. The buyer, represented by the Sun in Libra, is in the sign in which Saturn is exalted. Saturn represents the client. Therefore the buyer exalts the client.

While the buyer loves the property and exalts the client this not sufficient evidence to indicate a sale. However it does indicate volition. The buyer wants to find a way for the sale to happen. Therefore less astrological evidence is required to show that a sale will take place.

Void of Course Moon (VOC)

One of the first observations made by students of horary astrology is that the Moon is ‘Void of Course’ (VOC). VOC is an ancient expression that means that the Moon makes no further aspects while it is in the present sign. In this case the Moon at 29.52 Aquarius makes no aspects to other planets before it leaves Aquarius.

It is often said that a Void of Course Moon means that nothing will happen, so the answer to the client’s question would be “No, you will not sell your house.”

However the correct answer in this case is “No, you will not sell your house in the present circumstances. A change of strategy is required.”

To understand why the house will not sell in the present circumstances it is important to identify what is not working in this horoscope – which significators are not functioning well.

  • 1. A discrepancy
    First of all there is a discrepancy concerning the condition of the house and its perceived value.
    Venus which is the significator of the house is in its detriment and retrograde.
    Mars which is the significator of the price is in its dignity.
    The rule to follow here is that positive dignity = high value, and negative dignity = low value.
    Therefore in this case the asking price is perceived to be too high compared to the condition of the property. Property evaluations found nothing wrong with the property except a susceptibility to moisture problems due to its proximity to vegetation which according to the owner is to be expected. Venus is in its detriment in Scorpio and Scorpio is a water sign.
    However the bigger issue was that property prices were declining in the area.
    2. Cannot get finance
    The second issue is the capacity of potential buyers to fund their purchase. The 2nd house from the 7th house (the buyer) represents the buyer’s money. This is the 8th house which is ruled by Mercury.
    Mercury is within a 1° of the Sun and is therefore ‘combust’. In traditional astrology there is no greater affliction than combustion. Combustion also carries the sense that something cannot be seen. What could not be seen in this case is the buyer’s money. Two potential buyers applied for finance and both were rejected.
    However Mercury is located towards the end of Libra. This suggests that the situation will change when Mercury ingresses into Scorpio. When Mercury is in Scorpio it is no longer combust and the buyer’s financial situation will be improved.
    3. Dishonest agent
    The third reason why the house would not sell is that the significator for the querent’s agent was retrograde. This is also considered to be a major affliction. The significator of the querent’s agent is Jupiter, ruler of the 2nd house. The client felt that the agent was dishonest.
    4. Manipulation
    Fourthly there is an aspect between the significator of the price: Mars, and the client’s agent: retrograde Jupiter. The client felt that the agent was somehow manipulating the price.

What the VOC Moon indicated was that the client needed to change her agent.
The client did this around the time that Jupiter went direct and the house sold.

Below is a quote from my advice to the client:

The Moon, which is your co-significator, is VOC and about to change signs.
So it looks like nothing will happen in the present circumstances and you are about to change tactics. The ingress of the Moon into Pisces suggests that you are about to change your approach.
. …. Perhaps you will move from one (agent) to another.”

And a word from the outer planets

Observant readers will note the very recent separation of the Moon from Neptune. Normally the outer planets are not used in traditional astrology. However such close conjunctions do call our attention to something important. Neptune has associations with deception and confusion.

However it is important to note that the answer to the question does not depend on the testimony of the Moon’s recent conjunction with Neptune. We can arrive at the same conclusions without mentioning this conjunction. Because students in my online astrology course frequently ask about the outer planets this consideration is mentioned here.

The 4 reasons provided above were sufficient to explain why the client needed to change tactics without reference to the Moon’s recent conjunction to Neptune.

When will it sell?

The Moon always shows the flow of events. A VOC Moon generally indicates that nothing will take place in the present circumstances. Note that stronger testimonies can override a Void of Course.

In this case the VOC Moon ingresses into Pisces in 8 minutes of longitude.
8 minutes = 8 units of time. The house sold in 8 weeks.
The Moon translates the light of Mercury which represents the buyer’s money to the Midheaven which represents the price. The buyer found the money to pay the price.


It is wise not to view the meaning of a VOC Moon in black and white terms. Certainly a VOC Moon carries a sense that nothing will come of the matter in the present circumstances. For matters to move forward the present circumstances need to be changed. To establish what needs to be changed it is necessary to examine the condition of the relevant significators.

Chart details: Chart details: 18 Oct 2010 1.34 pm Ocean Grove Vic AEDT -11.00. 11.18 Aquarius rising. Moon at 29.52 Aquarius.

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