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Horary is the heart of astrology

There is a perception that horary astrology is a different form of astrology, somehow separate from other forms of astrology such as natal astrology, a unique branch. This is incorrect.
Horary is the very heart of astrology. It contains the foundation principles for all other forms of astrology. It has an internal congruency and integrity that sets it apart from modern forms. It retains an essential purity in its reliance upon first principles which are as valid today as they were in ancient times.
The study of horary astrology offers the modern astrologer clarity and discernment about which features to focus upon. It provides a method of extracting important and relevant meaning from the horoscope.
Horary astrology offers the modern astrologer deep meaning and extraordinary insight into the web of links between planets in the horoscope. The perception that horary is only about finding lost objects is misinformed and overlooks its profound depth and subtlety.
Since I took up the study of horary astrology the way I look at a horoscope has been transformed. I recommend the study to beginning and experienced astrologers who have a sincere desire to comprehend the meaning provided by the cosmos.

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